World Water Week 2017

Created by Robert Pleticha Partner on 26-Jan-2017

Sunday, 27 August 2017 at in Stockholm, Sweden

Starts at 12:00 · Ends on 01-Sep-2017 at 13:00, CET (Europe/Berlin)

  • Robert Pleticha
  • World Water Week provides a unique forum for the exchange of views, experiences and practices between the scientific, business, policy and civic communities. It focuses on new thinking and positive action toward water-related challenges and their impact on the world’s environment, health, climate, economic and poverty reduction agendas by:

    • Linking scientific understanding with policy and decision-making to develop concrete solutions to water, environment and development challenges
    • Fostering proactive partnerships and alliances between individuals and organisations from different fields of expertise
    • Highlighting ground-breaking research, best practices and innovative policy work by stakeholders and experts around the world and from multiple disciplines
    • Reviewing the implementation of actions, commitments and decisions in international processes and by different stakeholders in response to the challenges
    • Awarding outstanding achievements in Stockholm, Sweden