EIT Alumni Startup Days

Created by Marco Barbaro Partner on 30-Nov-2016

Friday, 2 December 2016 at Barcelona | Berlin | Eindhoven | Lisbon | Paris | Stockholm

Starts at 17:00 · Ends on 04-Dec-2016 at 19:15, CEST (Europe/Berlin)

  • Jacopo Sala
  • Bharat Jangra
  • Marco Barbaro
  • Francesco Bonadiman

Last days for buying your tickets for the upcoming event!!!
Tickets and information here: EIT Alumni Startup Days 2016 - 2nd to 4th of December 2016 


What are the EIT Alumni Startup Days

The EIT Alumni Startup Days bring together graduates, researchers, developers, designers, young professionals, entrepreneurs, and start-up enthusiasts under one roof, over a weekend to share ideas, form teams, build future products and services, and embark on new entrepreneurial adventures.


The EIT Alumni Startup Days is a non-profit event, and all income from the participation fees is 100% re-invested into the event. 

How it works

Pitch your idea.
You have something in mind? It keeps you awake at nights? Let's find the essence of your idea and bring it to life. Pitch your idea in front of everyone and assemble your team

Join an idea.
The creative spark did not hit you yet? Listen to the pitches and get caught by the spirit. Convince the pitcher why you bring value for the idea and enjoy the can-do attitude around you.

Still undecided?
We have plenty of inspiration on-site for you. Industry experts will give you insights and a hint on their future challenges. 
We believe in the power of connections and perspectives. Exchange with other EIT Alumni and find your idea across all boundaries.

(everything you do remains your intellectual property)

Barcelona | Berlin | Eindhoven | Lisbon | Paris | Stockholm