Smart Cities' kick-off in Barcelona

Created by Mina Mirzadeh Partner on 23-Oct-2016

Saturday, 19 November 2016 at Carrer de Pamplona, 114, 08018 Barcelona, Spain

Starts at 14:00 · Ends at 17:00, CET (Europe/Berlin)

  • Mina Mirzadeh
  • Maria Chiara Gulli
  • Elias De Keyser
  • Laura Perez
  • Giuseppe Sgrò
  • Zineb Aneflouss
  • Ákos Baldauf
  • Srikant Anantapatnaikuni

As a part of the program MSc Energy for Smart Cities, 1st-year students attend the "Smart City Expo World Congress" which is held annually in Barcelona. This year, this event is overlapped with the annual KICk-off for all 1st-year InnoEnergy students in Frankfurt. That's not the end of the world! CommUnity Belgium took the initiative to throw a parallel event in Barcelona for all Smart Cities InnoEnergy students (From KTH Sweden, and KUL Belgium) missing the event in Frankfurt. 


Who is this event for?

  • All 1st-year students of Smart Cities program,
  • Any InnoEenrgy Student/Alumnus located in Barcelona


What's on agenda?

  • Sight-seeing tour in Barcelona (14h-17h) Responsible: Laura Perez

   In case you haven't found the time to explore the sunny Barcelona, here is the chance to do so together!

   You can find the route here .


Starting point:  In front of Hostel TWENTYTU, Carrer de Pamplona, 114 (14h Sharp) 

We take it to Sagrada Família, following the stops on the route above and end in Barceloneta where we take the metro (L4). We drop off at Bogattell and in 5 minutes walking we're back in the hostel for the main event.


  • Kick-off event: Basement of Hostel TWENTYTU (18h - 19h) Responsible: Oriol Pujoldevall

With the support of The specified item was not found., a crash event will be held to feed-in the freshmen with information about InnoEnergy and an amazing 2-year ahead!


  • Dinner: Pizza Basement of Hostel TWENTYTU (19h - ) 

It's time to mingle- Pizza is just an excuse! 



Hope to see you there!

Carrer de Pamplona, 114, 08018 Barcelona, Spain