Alumni Speaker Series - Gonçalo Guerreiro

Created by Jacob Dalton Partner on 17-Oct-2016

Saturday, 29 October 2016 at Gran Hotel Rey Don Jaime, Castelldefels, Spain

Starts at 17:40 · Ends at 18:15, CEST (Europe/Berlin)

  • Rachel Sadok
  • Jacob Dalton
  • Federico Bertoldi

                                                      "Learnings From a Year in Recruitment"


As an engineer who incidentally ended up working in the recruitment industry through Landing.jobs, Gonçalo spent the past year collaborating closely with Europe's biggest tech companies in their hiring quests. In this talk he will share some of the things learned so far regarding the "inner gears" of the industry, debunk some myths 

and go through some overlooked tips about jobs and careers.



                                                 Gonçalo is currently an operations Lead at Landing Jobs


Gran Hotel Rey Don Jaime, Castelldefels, Spain