[Paris CommUnity TED Talk Discussion]: How fear of nuclear power is hurting the environment - Michael Shellenberger

Created by Jacopo Sala Partner on 24-Oct-2016

Wednesday, 16 November 2016 at Amphi Becquerel - Ecole Polytechnique

Starts at 18:30 · Ends at 20:00, CEST (Europe/Berlin)

  • Jacopo Sala
  • Sunay Gupta
  • Jonas van Stappen
  • Lisa Zafoschnig
  • Paolo Cattaneo
  • Slavica Ivanovic

It is with great pleasure that I announce our first official event! For the first time we have been able to find a topic that is common ground for passionate people in renewable energy and in nuclear power: The role of nuclear energy in the fight against climate change.


Some of you may have already seen the TED Talk by Michael Shellenberger: “How fear of nuclear is harming the environment” that will be here proposed. The topic will be introduced by our CommUnity Representative Salvatore Raddino and it will be followed by a discussion session.



18:30 Welcome and presentation

18:45 TED Talk vision

19:00 Discussion session

19:45 Networking session


Registration is mandatory for all InnoEnergy members at the following link: TED Talk discussion: Michael Shellenberger - How fear of nuclear power is hurting the environment 


The Paris CommUnity is looking forward for your participation and contribute to make this event very good. If you need more information comment under this event post, a CommUnity Representative will answer you as soon as possible.


IMPORTANT: For those of you who are not from Ecole Polytechnique, a security badge is necessary to enter the building. A CommUnity Representative will be waiting for you in front of the main entrance (between points 19 and 20 of the map) to let you in and show give you more information about the direction to the event room. Note that he/she won't wait more than 5 minutes after the event started. Here's the map:


Campus Paris-SacleyIf you cannot see the points properly, here's the full size image:… 


How to reach the campus, information provided by École polytechnique, 91128 Palaiseau Cedex, FRANCE:


Access using public transport
2 itineraries are possible: from the Massy-Palaiseau station or the Lozère station.
Connecting buses link the station to the campus.

> RER B Massy-Palaiseau station
Map of Massy Palaiseau station and bus stops
At the station, take the TransEssonne 91.06 (B,C) or 91.10 bus
Get off at: the "Les Joncherettes" (LOA and ENSTA), "Lozère", or "Laboratoires" de l'École stop.
Timetable for the Transessonne buses and map of the bus stops for the 91.06 campus.

> RER B Lozère station
Pedestrian route with a good 15-minute walk (approx. 300 steps).
Map of the Lozère station.
Map of the itinerary from the lozère station.
Find the train timetables et prepare your route.


Access by road
From the Porte d'Orléans or Porte d'Italie: by the A6 highway.
From the Pont de Sèvres : by the N118.
Consult the traffic status in real time.

Amphi Becquerel - Ecole Polytechnique