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This document is supposed to provide useful tips and tricks and sincere help to all SELECT students coming for the second year to TU/e.

It's a collection of the questions and anwers I was able to gather. Feel free to add your points and help the upcoming generations!




All students of SELECT, are following the curriculum of  Master's Program Sustainable Energy Technology (LINK).




You might get such a message: "The proof should state that you have been accepted to the SELECT program and information about the content of the scholarship.
Yes, you must bring the original documents of your diploma and academic transcripts with you to TU/e."
Action: People didn't bring the original documents, just the copies. They explained it briefly and apparently it was ok.


Proving to the IND that you have sufficient funds

You have to prove that you have money to live in the Netherlands. The best, follow the instructions here: Proving to the IND that you have sufficient funds 


Association / Organisations

There are many associations at the uni, starting from study associations (each department has one), student associations (more party oriented), sport and cultural ones. And some like Team Energy or Go green office which, by the name you can guess what they do. All of them organize different activities so you can see and decide what you want to attend or get more involved in.


Master Thesis

In general, it's recommended to find the Master Thesis topic and supervisor in summer. You can check the website of the university for help.

  •  When did YOU had to have the topic and mentor of the master thesis decided?
    • Electrical Engineering, Electrical Energy Systems
      • This varies per department so beware who you ask. I did my thesis in Electrical Eng Department (electrical energy systems) and had my topic+mentor in September. From this year I know that there will be like a market place for master theses (online portal). I don't know if it is already operational or how it will work in relation to the department where you want to do the thesis but keep it in mind.
      • I had my thesis secured in November only (although I started talking early). Defended in early August.
    •  Innovation Sciences Department
      • They have send us list with supervisors we we were "assigned" to someone, however this could still change later. During the seminar they will ask you for the department that you have chosen.
    • Mechanical Engineering
      • People had their topics assigned in early August, just upon arrival here. It’s really per-department thing.

You can also chcek the posters of Master Thesis examples from SELECT Intake 2016 here. Not all of them are from TU/e though



It is recommended to find accommodation via agencies cooperating with the university (LINK).

Some comments:

  • They contacted us in the beginning of June and we had approximatelly 1 week to give preference of the type of accommodation we want (studio, room in shared house etc) and a preferred housing agency. You can read about all the options at the TU/e website and ask people from older batches (if you have some questions) before they contact you so that you react fast then. I think they still operate on FCFS basis.
  • Contracts with different housing agencies differ quite some, you might want to take a look at that before committing (i.e. Camelot offers 1 year contract that you cannot break). Looking for yourself is difficult - there is a huge shortage of accommodation in EHV.





Bikes in the city

  •  Well if sth gets stolen in the Netherlands, that would be bikes but it is not bad IMO. Just like the stories of the pickpocketers in the Barcelona metro. If you lock your bike normally you shouldn't have problems. I never had.


Activity of CommUnity

The best, contact Davide Garufi and Eryk Masiak

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