Boiling Point - Enablers to Cookstoves

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Boiling Point is a practitioner’s journal for those working with household energy and stoves. It deals with technical, social, financial and environmental issues and aims to improve the quality of life for poor communities living in the developing world. This issue was focused on the "enablers" for the Improved Cooking stoves to faciliatae the uptake and sustained use of such technology.


On page 11-12, you may find my article on "Enablers for the value chain of improved cooking stoves through the financial mechanism of Uniones de Crédito y Ahorro in Peru". This article summarises a joint initiative between MicroEnergy International and COFIDE implemented in 2015 to stimulate the market for improved cook stoves in rural areas of Peru through financial mechanisms established within the community Savings and Credit Unions (Uniones de Crédito y Ahorro, UNICAs). The article presents results achieved through the initiative, highlights the barriers encountered and lessons learned related to the key enablers for the successful adoption and distribution of such technologies.


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