Effect of Scale on Life Cycle Emissions - Case of Onshore Wind Turbines

File uploaded by Archishman Bose Partner on 26-Dec-2017
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Traditional economics have shown us the importance  of scale on any technology. Does it also impact on the life cycle emissions of renewable energy systems in the same way or there is a different story?


Well, this paper takes us through the LCA of different wind turbines rated between 50 kW and 3.4 MW, and the result is similar to the impact of scale on economics. Interesting to note is the quantification of the scale. The specific impact of a 100 kW Wind turbine is almost 5 times to that of a 3.4 MW turbine. 


Well, its not just putting up a turbine anymore, is it? Yes there are lots to consider, especially on our quest to 100% Renewable energy.