CommUnity Rules

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The CommUnity is a multinational and multicultural movement into a more sustainable energy future. This requires some ground rules everybody shares. These ground rules must be followed under any circumstances to maintain the principles. It is our commitment to follow them when we are representing the CommUnity in any form, anywhere.


Vision: The CommUnity is an altruistic movement which aims to empower members so that they can have the impact into a more sustainable energy future they desire. Every CommUnity activity has to represent this character. 


Funds: The Community exists because of volunteers who have the support of InnoEnergy employees. A volunteer cannot abuse the activities to make a personal profit. In any case, a volunteer cannot draw a financial benefit from his activities as a volunteer. Strict financial processes are in place which has to be followed.

-> Read financial processes here


Naming: Any activity has to carry the "CommUnity" in its name to mirror the global vision and all the people who are standing behind the project. 


Visual Identity: In any publication one has to follow the visual guidelines to increase the recognizability of the brand.

-> Find visual guidelines here


Data: The data collected before, during and after CommUnity Activities are only to be used for the purpose of the Community Activity itself. Any form of data sharing is therefore prohibited to guarantee a trusted network among all members. 


CommUnity and InnoEnergy: The CommUnity is a project launched by InnoEnergy. The frame is built by InnoEnergy and the people paint the picture. The initiative aims to accelerate the energy transition through a strong, collaborative and professional network. One has to refer to the CommUnity as the CommUnity by InnoEnergy.