Event Guidelines

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In this section you can find all necessary information on how to organise an event with the spirit of the CommUnity. This is based on best practices from the last years and we highly encourage you to follow them in your process to achieve your ambitions. 


Volunteers & Staff

Working in a team gets things done. Therefore, a well-structured team is key to success. Beyond the team itself, there are more people in the ecosystem which support your event.

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Planning the Workflow 

Having a good plan in place is crucial. This plan needs to be discussed with all team members.

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All local CommUnities are supported with financial resources to scale their events. This support comes with strings attached and responsibilities. Therefore it is crucial to be aware of the financial procedure. 

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Selecting the right venue for an event is key. Each event type has different venue requirements.

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Food and Beverages make an event social. It is easier to connect to your neighbor if you can clink glasses. The food provides energy to go to the next level!  

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A series of activities design the programme of an event. It supports orientation for both participants, organisers and externals. In order to make a programme happen, all activities need to be organised. 

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Branding & Promotion

The CommUnity brand is representing our values and spreads the right spirit. It is important to use the brand in the right way so we grow together. 

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In order to be sustainable, one also has to be financially sustainable. Attract a partner to your event in order to bring it to the next level and maximise your opportunities. 

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Photography & Video

A picture is worth a thousand words. There is no better way to capture your event than by taking pictures. Sounds easy in theory, but it is a bit more difficult in practice.

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It is time to earn your credits for the great effort you have done. Still, some minor things are left to guarentee you the most visibility and the growth of the CommUnity. 

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All CommUnity resources

The Community provides you with all kind of supports to make your event a success.

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