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A well established programme is essential for the participant, to leave your event with a positive feeling. While shaping the programme, keep in mind who your audience is and put yourself into the shoes of the participant. Only than, you will have cheering participants on your event. 


Build an agenda and find a topic

In order to build your ideal agenda for the event, first you need to decide what this event is going to be about. Than, important aspects of each agenda point are the 5W1H: When? Where? What? Who? and How?

Each agenda point needs preparation. Below you can find an example of an agenda for the Speaker Series.


-> Find agenda template here


Fill the agenda

Agenda points hold by externals, like a speaker, have to be filled. You can find these people researching local businesses, charities, local papers, publications and social networks. Once you have filled a list of interesting people or companies, its about time to approach them with the event you have in mind. Tell them your genuine interest and that their contribution would be of extremely precious to your participants. 

-> Find email template here


Curate the content

Help the guests, who are bringing content on the events, to present their content in an appealing way to your audience. Nobody knows the audience better than you and therefore your input is important. In the case of a talk, support the speaker to bring his presentation to the next level. The more you emphasize to curate the content, the more positive feedback will be shared on the event among all participants. 


Create the program

Last step is to create the program, be sure everybody knows what he has to do. Brief everybody who contributes. 


The event itself

Nobody knows better than you what is happening on the event. Keep an eye open, delegate and help out as soon as something is not flowing smoothly.