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With a CommUnity growing in numbers, the single CommUnity member will be more empowered, like one note becoming a tune. Be the entrepreneur and bring your local CommUnity to the next level. Each step includes different support and recognition within the CommUnity. 


Emerging CommUnity

An emerging CommUnity is a young community, recently born in a location, where no community existed. It consists of at least the local CommUnity manager with one initial supporters. A place on the platform is created for that location. The mission of an emerging Community is to sustain a strong base of likeminded people, sharing the same values and vision. Recommended events to establish this base are social events in bars briefing about the CommUnity and its vision. Channels to reach audience are personal contacts, Facebook groups, universities and more. Once a strong base is established, a first Speaker Series event can be organized.


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-> Start an emerging CommUnity


Support is given by a mentor, who gives guidance. On top, the local Manager will be invited to the representative summit to exchange and learn from other CommUnities. 


Enhanced CommUnity

An enhanced CommUnity has a bigger member base with around 10 - 100 participants on events. It consists of a strong representative’s team, which has experience in event organization and meets frequently to keep each other’s up to date about their progress. They manage their online presence on the platform. On top of social events and the Speaker Series, they organize all suggested event types and even innovate new events. They are aware of partnerships and search for first cooperation. 


-> Read more about event types


Support is given by 500 EUR/month, not accumulating. Also, the local manager and two more representatives are invited to the Representative Summits. 


Mature CommUnity

A mature CommUnity has an increased member base. Event participation is high, more than 100 participants. The management effort of such a CommUnities high, so that the Community Office supports with a local intern, who works closely together with the local manager. Up to 6 representatives, including the intern, can be send to the Representatives Summit. 


Support is given by 500 EUR/month, not accumulating. Additional financial resources are available based on activity. The local manager is entitled to invite up to 5 further representatives to the Representative Summit, including the intern.