InnoEnergy Innovation by Design session on future strategies in the TSO business

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InnoEnergy Innovation by Design session on future strategies in the TSO business


In the years to come, the power system will experience significant changes, including an ever-increasing penetration of variable renewables, new loads from the electrification of transport, new technologies for flexibility and increased cross-border trade. And yet, throughout all of these changes, the transmission system operator (TSO) must still ensure continuous energy supply and maintain reliability in an efficient way.


In this workshop, we consider the different dimensions of the TSO business and design strategies for TSOs in renewing their business along topics such as:

  • Further developing energy markets
  • Considering the impact to society (e.g., aesthetics), biodiversity and the energy system in designing new transmission lines
  • Cross-border cooperation and trade
  • Digitalization of the TSO business
  • Full integration of the power system in the energy system by coupling the electricity network with networks of gas and heat
  • Accommodating renewables, including the integration of flexibility resources


The problem owner in this session is the Spanish TSO Red Eléctrica de España (REE), which has recently set ambitious targets on emerging at the forefront of the energy transition in accommodating change in the system, as well as in being more sustainable in their own operations. The question then becomes: what does it exactly take for a TSO to be at the forefront of change in the energy system, technologically, societally and politically?


This is an inclusive group-work oriented workshop where all participants will be divided to tables of 5-6. Each table then specializes on designing strategies for one of the areas of TSO activities. The session employs a combination of methodologies, most prominently the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology by which real-world change is collectively ‘played out’ using a special set of professionally oriented LEGO-blocks. The workshop also includes a small segment on how everyone can use LEGOs for professional problem solving exercises, both individually and in teams. The workshop is facilitated by Madis Talmar and André Haverkort from the Corporate Innovation Programs team of InnoEnergy. Because of the wide variety of topics, participants of all backgrounds are welcome to join, ranging from engineers to designers to economists to social scientists.


Come and join us during the AlumniUnite 2017 meeting and help TSOs build a more sustainable future!

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