Innovation by Design at AlumniUnite 2017  

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A sustainable future. Isn’t that what we all want? Unfortunately, some systemic concepts assumed to exist in a sustainable future (e.g., a ’smart house’) have so far been notoriously hard to accomplish.


The InnoEnergy Innovation by Design is an interactive workshop where the brightest minds in energy engineering put their heads together in making sense of a particular challenged concept in sustainable energy.


Does your company have an interest to explore the pathways towards a radically different future within a sub-domain of sustainable energy? Then grab the opportunity to present a challenge for the next InnoEnergy Innovation by Design workshop, taking place at the AlumniUnite 2017 meeting.


In this workshop, up to 80 top young professionals (EIT InnoEnergy master and PhD school alumni) will dedicate half a day to tackling the topic of your choice. In the first part of the workshop, the participants will design the user interactions and value propositions that in their (educated) vision attracts and inspires consumers and innovators within the topic area in the future. In the second part, the participants will collectively build out the complementary social and technological elements and their linkages, to provide pathways for the desirable innovation to be accomplished in future industry collaboration. As such, the workshop builds heavily on the assumption that systemic change needs systemic co-operation of many industry actors, represented here both conceptually, as well as by the participating young engineers and business developers, who are the future leaders in the energy industry.


The session employs the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology by which real-world change is collectively ‘played out’ using a special set of professionally oriented LEGO-blocks. Come, join us during the AlumniUnite 2017 meeting, and help build a more sustainable future!




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