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Christiana Figueres and colleagues set out a six-point plan for turning the tide of the world’s carbon dioxide by 2020. Energy, infrastructure, transport, land, industry and finance... A global effort needs to be done but last years' results show that it is possible. However, action needs to be taken starting from now. If we don't act straight away, there won't be enough time left to transform the economy in order to limit the temperature increase to 2°C.

I strongly suggest you to read this dense and inspiring article taken from Nature (in attachment or at Three years to safeguard our climate : Nature News & Comment ).


For those of you why would like to tackle a bit more in detail the subject of "global environmental footprint" and go beyond the simple "carbon footprint", I suggest you this website Global Footprint Network , where you can even calculate your own footprint and hearth overshoot day, calculated using the "planetary boundaries" methodology!

I did it today and I sadly found out that my footprint is way above the global average of 1.7 planets... because of the continuous travels and the lack of good house insulation and high-quality appliances, if everyone was like me we would need almost 3 planets I will then at least figure out how to make a renewable electricity contract this weekend (if there is any volunteer willing to help me with the German language I would appreciate it ).


What is your score? what is the action that you're going to take to lower your footprint? feel free to share

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