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Tools2Impact are 45 minute workshop sessions, in which the participant learns a key skill to have an impact in ones surroundings. A new insight on a relevant topic varying from soft skill to hard skills, from market insights to operational knowledge. These workshops are interactive sessions in which the participant will learn something new. 


Tools2Impact sessions on AlumniUnite 2017:


Cristian Cri - "Breaking Out!"

Breaking Out is a fast-paced workshop to raise awareness on what one’s personal comfort zone looks like while challenging participants to break out and explore what’s out of their comfort zone.


The specified item was not found. - "Effective communication: techniques to be heard and captivate people"

Having a great idea is important, however being able to express it to other people is the key aspect that can actually make it successful. The objective of this interactive workshop is to explain the importance of communication in a business environment and give an introduction to some of the tools we can use to make it more effective. Make your voice heard everywhere you go!


Ilan Momber - "Bucket Lists, Values, Goal Setting, Fear Setting and Morning Routines"

Tools2Impact will kick-off a golden Sunday morning with an energising workshop. In personal contributions, participants interactively work towards sharing their bucket lists, life values, and fear vs. goal setting routines to get access to an empowering morning tool box for achievers.


Tillmann Laux - „Teaching Energy – A crash course in professional development for (young) adults”

Having knowledge is good - sharing it is even better. Teaching Energy is a crash course on methods how to teach young adults in a professional environment.
The methods presented can be adopted to your means - wheater you want to teach in rural Africa or chilly Sweden.

You will learn how to teach skills that allow learners to succed in their job, how to create a motivating teaching setup and how to create your own template so you can start teaching right away!


More sessions to be announced...


Learn how to take ownership and receive a travel grant to the AlumniUnite here!

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