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The CommUnity branding is our promise to event attendees: it enables people to immediately identify us, and carries our vision and mission. It is important to adhere to visual guidelines to avoid misrepresentation and to make sure that there is no confusion in attributing credit where credit is due. CommUnity branding needs to be placed clearly on all promotional material as discussed below. The visual guidelines can be found here.


Promoting your event


Platform event

Event promotion is vital to ensure maximum participation. Once you have the specific details of the event locked down (venue, date and time, and important speakers, companies or activities involved), you should make an event in the event space on the CommUnity platform (Actions, Create Event). There you can fill out all the details and publish your event: give it a title, specify start and end times and location, and write up a short description of what will happen and the agenda for activities. Most events by the CommUnity are Open Events, and unless your venue has a space limit, there is not usually an Attendee Limit. Ensure that the event has an option for people to sign up - this is done through a google form which is provided by the Community Office. Find yours in the CommUnity Resources.

In the case of the platform event, there is no need to add additional branding as the branding is already there - just make sure you use a suitable picture for your event, and contact someone from the CommUnity Office if you have any doubts or hesitations.

-> Find your google form link. 

-> Take a look at this example.

You can use this platform banner for the platform event.


Invite local CommUnity members (ActiveCampaign)

With the link to the platform event and the link to the registration form you can use ActiveCampaign to promote your event fast and easy to all local CommUnity members. ActiveCampaign is a customized tool for you to find email templates to ensure the best communication and local data lists to not miss any member.

-> Learn how to use ActiveCampaign with a 4 min video

-> Go to ActiveCampaign login page

-> Contact Rob via support to get your login data


Posters and Flyers

To promote your event online or offline, you can use our templates or design your own ones following the visual guidelines. In general, the best place to promote an event is your living room, meaning your friends & colleagues, followed by social media like LinkedIn, Facebook or other and public places like universities, cafes and others. Be careful to ask for permission before you leave your flyers and posters. 

-> Find CommUnity resources here

-> Look up visual guidelines to design your own poster/flyer


Facebook event

A Facebook event informs people outside the CommUnity about your event. In order to have a central communication, events must only be created by the CommUnity Facebook page. To do so, please contact Rob. 

-> Contact Rob to have a Facebook event 


Email Signature

To be recognized as a CommUnity member, all representatives use the same signature template. 

-> Find template here