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Organisations are much more likely to perform well when their people work effectively as a team. This is because good teamwork creates synergy – where the combined effect of the team is greater than the sum of individual efforts. Below you can find a team structure based on best practices. The CommUnity Manager's responsibility is to form and perform with the team. 

Besides these positions, it is highly recommended to meet frequently with all representatives in a cafe or other place to build a trusted network among yourself. 

Last, for emerging CommUnities it is very difficult to build up a structure recommended below. Therefore, keep in mind that one person can have several heads. Nevertheless, for mature CommUnities it is recommended to split tasks among more representatives.


Local CommUnity Manager

The local manager builds and leads a team of local representatives, has the financial supervision and supports all local activities. They are the link to the CommUnity Office. They have a complete overview of the CommUnity strategy and gives guidance in all areas. Beside being an expert in everything, their responsibilities are highlighted below:

-> Day 0

-> CommUnity Rules

-> Post-event


Local Operation Manager

If a local CommUnity grows to a critical size, the Local CommUnity Manager will need support. This support is filled by the local operation manager, a person eager to learn from and support the local manager with operational tasks like organising frequent meetings of representatives and follow up on projects. They are very familiar with the responsibilities below:

-> CommUnity Rules



The treasurer keeps the finances in line. They manage expenses and incomes of the local CommUnity. They seek financial sustainability within a local CommUnity and try to build up local partnerships. More of their responsibilities can be found below:

-> CommUnity Rules

-> Sponsorship


Communication Manager

Communication plays an important role in establishing relationships between the members and our community offerings. The communication manager is also responsible with branding of the events, advertising and member interaction through several channels. All responsibilities can be found below:

-> Branding & Promotion

-> Photography & Video

-> Post-event

-> Platform space


Event Manager

The Event Manager is the right arm of the Programme Manager. They take care that all logistical requirements are met, like the venue, catering and travel if required. More info can be found below:

-> Venue

-> Catering

-> Local CommUnity Events


Programme Manager

The Programme Manager is the left arm of the Event Manager. They guarentee the best event experience for the participants while planning the agenda of the event. They contact potential third parties being involved in the event and are responsible for selected agenda points. More can be read below:

-> Programme

-> Local Event Types


Backup Volunteers

Almost all events need additional support on the event day itself, whether it is welcoming the participants, supporting the catering service, taking pictures or videos, or any other tasks which might come up. Make sure you will have this additional support and you can surely rely on a pool of willing volunteers. 


Local Advisors

Not all CommUnity members will have the time to take over one of the roles mentioned above. Nevertheless, they identify themselves strongly with the mission and vision of our CommUnity and want to support with experience and guidance. These people can be found in the local advisory group and they support the representatives in their tasks with their network, knowledge and guidance! This is the ideal position for senior professionals to share their expertise and contacts to a good cause. 


Support by Staff

The CommUnity Office is always approachable for any doubts which might arise in the organisation of a local event. When a certain size of a local CommUnity is reached, there is also the possibility to extend the staff with one intern in your location! 

-> Grow your CommUnity - Get an intern

-> Support by the Staff