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The annual local CommUnity summit is an opportunity for members to come together and engage with other like-minded people. It is designed to update members about the CommUnity, meet new people and to reconnect with older Community members. Introductory pre-events are also held in areas where new first-year students arrive to commence the new academic year. 



XXX CommUnity Summit

XXX = City where it takes place.
For example:
Barcelona CommUnity Summit



All CommUnity members are invited to this event, including students, alumni, InnoEnergy employees, InnoEnergy entrepreneurs, professors, young professionals and senior professionals. The local InnoEnergy office is also invited in order to foster collaboration between the local CommUnity and the office. 


Time and duration

In the case of a new intake of students is arriving, the pre-event should take place first, and is suggested to last no longer than one hour. The main event starts with a break after the pre-event and is recommended to take up to two hours. Nevertheless, it is an open-end event and participants are highly encouraged to stay and continue networking with fellow members. The whole event should take up one evening, on a weekday or during the weekend. 



Free for CommUnity members.



No limit, mainly depends on venue size


A venue providing sufficient space for all members to be in the same room. Audiovisual support is needed.

The venue should not have a university or work feeling, therefore university rooms or InnoEnergy offices are not recommended. Besides this, the venue choice is open and should suit the intention of the event to enable networking. 



Catering should be organised for the event, including food and beverages.



The suggested program points below are a basic guide to design the event. Feel free to add and adjust the programme to your local needs. 


Pre-event (if new students arrive)

Local CommUnity ManagerOpens the event and introduces the new students to the CommUnity.
Talks about past events, current structure, future planning and call of action to join and participate in CommUnity
InnoEnergy CC CEOStudent relevant information about vision of InnoEnergy and other business lines
InnoEnergy Program director or Education OfficerStudent relevant information about education
BCS / EntrepreneurExperience as entrepreneur or about his startup or "how business creation works"
I-project / PMStudent relevant information on cool project description



Main Event

Local CommUnity ManagerPresentationOpens main event, overview of CommUnity, last year's activities, plans for this year, introduction to event
Local CommUnity ManagerQ&AGives time to ask questions and suggestions
Whole AudienceIcebreakerIcebreaker activity -> share your goals, dreams and vision with others


An example of a successful annual summit:

CommUnity Summit Stockholm 2017