Visual Guidelines

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Visual Guidelines



1. Include the CommUnity Logo


The logo comes in two orientations – horizontal and vertical – to ensure maximum functionality.

Main version: The horizontal version of the logo is the default option and is used in the majority of communication materials.


Alternative version When the available space is square, or taller than it is wide, or where the graphics are centred on the page, the vertical version of the logo is used.


Logo usage: all communication should follow logo usage guidelines. All logos inlcude in this doc.



Whenever possible, the logo should be used in full colour.

Full colour version: For use on screen (RGB) and for full-colour printing (CMYK).

One-colour version: For printing when using only one colour, or on very‑light backgrounds to improve legibility.

Black and white version: When our brand works on medium-light background we should use this version.

Reverse version: The (white) reverse logo is for dark backgrounds and darker areas in photographs.


** Reverse, one-colour or vertical versions of the logo are available for limited use. Please contact the CommUnity office for guidance.


The CommUnity, InnoEnergy and the EIT: The CommUnity is an initiative of InnoEnergy which is supported by the EIT.  Therefore your event will be directly powered by the CommUnity and not InnoEnergy, but both InnoEnergy and the EIT should be present as supporters. Make clear you always use your own CommUnity logo and reference properly to all supporters.


CommUnity logo and IE logo and EIT reference: you should always reference your events as powered by the CommUnity, InnoEnergy and the EIT. To do so, you have to include all logos in black in a white box, bellow your designs. You can download the logos here (jpg., png., and eps.)



Name abbreviation / any variation: for the sake of cohesion and branding, name abbreviation or variations are not allowed in any communication. You must always refer to your event with the name of your location and follow the guidelines.


2. Use Titillium font or Calibri font.


Primary typeface: Our CommUnity typeface is Titillium. It should be used on all professionally produced materials and on our websites.

Alternative typeface:  Calibri is the alternative font for documents created with MS Office, as it is included in all Microsoft programmes.


How to obtain Titillium font

The full type family can be downloaded free of charge from:


3. Follow the colour palette.


Sub-brand colours: These are the colours we use to identify the CommUnity.

Secondary palette: Choose one of these to create highlights and accents, as long as the branding is not diminished. All uses of colour must comply with legibility standards.



4. The energy curve should be included whenever possible


Together with the logo and the 50% Cyan, the energy curve must be used to differentiate the brand and to give consistency to the communication pieces. Find the curve in the pdf. There are a few exceptions where the energy curve may not be appropriate, please contact with any questions or doubts.

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