Staff & Volunteers

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Staff & Volunteers

The key to organising successful activities is in building and managing a great team. Preparation and delegation are key project management skills in this field.


Building a great team:

Local CommUnity Manager

The Local Manager has experience working for the CommUnity.  
This will be the person to talk to for guidance, and may offer invaluable support in the form of an established network in your location.

Are you a new Local CommUnity Manager? Familiarise yourself with the important aspects of your job. Remember, this includes knowing what to do before, during and after an activity!
→ Day 0
→ CommUnity Rules
→ Post-event Guidelines


Local Operation Manager

A local CommUnity with a decent size will need someone who supports the local CommUnity Manager in his tasks. This role is ideally filled by a person who is eager to learn from the Local CommUnity Manager. The responsibilities are to organise CommUnity meetings, follow-up on individual projects and take care of the CommUnity Rules. He is the right hand of the Local CommUnity Manager and helps out wherever possible. 
→ CommUnity Rules


Event Manager

The event manager is usually the Representative who is in charge of the particular Activity. They have to answer the important questions of what, where, when and who. The event manager is responsible for all the logistics of an event and works closely with the program manager. Responsibilities of the event manager are:
→ Venue
→ Catering
→ Local Event Types


Program Manager

Sometimes the Activity you are trying to organise has a complex program. In this case, it is best to have someone who can focus on the execution especially in terms of timelines. The program manager establishes the program, is in contact with the speakers or companies and always has the best experience for the audience in mind with every action he takes.
→ Program
→ Local Event Types



Reality is, finances are not everybody's forte. The CommUnity has specific rules and regulations for financial matters, and it may be beneficial to ensure one member of your team is delegated to understanding and executing the finances. Beside taking care of the expenses, they also invest time to find potential sponsors and partners for the events to increase the reach and the success. Their responsibilities include the following:
→ CommUnity Rules
→ Sponsors and finance


Communication Manager

You may have heard this before: marketing is everything. We are here to reiterate - this is true. A key part of a successful Activity is getting the correct message out to recipients, before and after the event, and this requires that you adhere to important rules on branding, promotion and communication. This is always a big part of an Activity, so it is best to designate this responsibility to someone. Resources for the communication manager are as follows:
→ Branding & promotion
→ Photography & video
→ Post-event Guidelines
→ Platform Space

Backup Volunteers

You will almost always need more hands than you think on the actual event day. You should utilise your CommUnity to get a committed group together who can help you a few hours before the event putting up signs, setting out chairs and catering. There is also usually a need for someone to man the door, taking registration and sending off your attendees at the end of the Activity.

Local Advisory Group

Building up a local advisory group of former representatives is a major advantage. They can provide a local CommUnity with guidance, a professional network and once in a while even a hand to organize an event. Keep them close to the local CommUnity and ask people if they want to be part of it. 

Support by Staff

As the CommUnity Office we are always there to help you out with your doubts. There is even the opportunity to receive support from a local Intern who takes care of the daily business of a strong, local CommUnity.
→ Grow your local CommUnity and get the support of an Intern
→ Support & Contacts