CommUnity Activities[1]

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CommUnity activities can be divided into global events, local events and programs. CommUnity activities are means to share and receive knowledge, feel inspired, meet like minded energy enthusiasts, grow your network and have an impact in the energy transition. 


Global CommUnity Events

  • AlumniUnite: The flagship event of the CommUnity. Once a year all CommUnity members are invited to unite in one city to live the CommUnity values.  (Link to: AlumniUnite space; next year called CommUnity Days)
  • E2I Talks: An event series, happening at major CommUnity locations. It is designed to generate a challenging debate, encourage networking in between attendees and contribute to the promotion of solutions for a more
    sustainable future. (Link to: E2I space)

Local CommUnity Events

  • Take a look at all existing local CommUnities (Link to: CommUnity space) 
    If you can't find your city, start your own local CommUnity. Here is how. (Link to: Lead CommUnity Activity)
  • Several different event types are organised on a local level. Find more information on each CommUnity Event here (Link to: Local Event types)

CommUnity Programs

  • CommUnity Post: The bottom-up accelerator of CommUnity related content and be its voice to the outside world.  (Link to: CUP space)
  • CommUnity Mentoring Program: A program to match mentors with mentees in the sustainable energy field. 

CommUnity Innovation

You haven't found what you are looking forward? You feel this spark in you that you would like to try something new? Let's do it together! Contact us with your idea! (link to: Support)