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The CommUnity has the vision to become the world’s most impactful sustainable energy community in order to accelerate the energy transition fostering collaboration among innovators.

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CommUnity Activities are the tools we use to enable CommUnity members to come together to share in their passion for sustainable energy.

Everything we do, ranging from events to programmes, to the platform, is driven by the mission to empower members to achieve their goals for the energy transition through collaboration in the InnoEnergy CommUnity.

Here you will find some guidelines on activities: what exists out there, how to be involved, how to lead a project and build a team.


Do you want to be involved?


  • First things first: What is a CommUnity Activity
    This page will tell you exactly what activities are about: what they are, why we do them, how we do them, and who does them. It will also explain what an activity is not.

-> Learn more about CommUnity Activities here.


  • Jump straight to the Event Guidelines. 
    If you already know the basics, and you need some guidance with your activity, click here to jump to the event guidelines which will give you all the practical information you need to organise your activity - from types of events to financial procedures and venues and catering in each location.

-> Take a look at our event guide.


  • Learn more about the CommUnity Programmes.
    The CommUnity Post's vision is to be the bottom-up accelerator of CommUnity related content and be its voice to the outside world.
    The Mentoring Program strengthens the communication and support between experienced CommUnity members and those just finishing their education and starting their careers. 
    CommUnity Innovation is your space where you can come up with new ideas and make them happen.

-> Learn about our other CommUnity Programmes


  • What is the local CommUnity?
    The local CommUnity is a group of proactive Representatives that organise activities, lead by the local CommUnity manager. Anyone can join the local CommUnity.

-> Lead CommUnity Activities

-> Take a look at the local event types


  • How can I become a CommUnity Representative?
    If you want to organise, execute and become an active member of the CommUnity, this page will tell you how to become a Representative and what will be expected of you.

-> Read more here to become a CommUnity representative.


  • What kind of Support will there be for me as a Representative?
    The CommUnity is all about exactly that: a community. A network of people who can help with any issues you may be having. Find out more here!

-> Need support? Here we are!


  • Need to present the CommUnity? 
    Find attached in this page three Power Points with the corporative information about the CommUnity and templates.

-> Need support? Here we are!


 Find the CommUnity presentations (pptx) and brochure (pdf) here.