What is a CommUnity Activity?

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Being part of the CommUnity gives you the opportunity to be actively involved in the world of Sustainable Energy. It opens up opportunities for you to innovate, hone your entrepreneurial and project management skills and empowers you to be the change you want to see in the energy sphere - this is, after all, what you are here for!

CommUnity Activities are anything from events to field trips, blog posts to meetups with professionals and mentors. Activities are focused on Sustainable Energy, organised in a sustainable manner, and benefit many CommUnity members. They are organised by enthusiasts such as yourself, Representatives that are a part of a Local CommUnity or a CommUnity Programme. 


Sustainable Themes

The CommUnity is all about sustainable energy. This is a huge field, ranging from renewable energies to clean coal technology and everything in between. Apart from energy generation, this also involves energy storage, distribution and grid systems. Energy efficiency, smart cities, electric vehicles and sustainable living are also a part of this theme. If what you have in mind cannot be prefixed by the word 'green' then it falls outside of this theme! 

Furthermore, at the CommUnity we practice what we preach: activities are organised in the most sustainable way possible. We like to offer vegetarian food options, minimize packaging and waste, and ensure that events can be accessed by public transport.


Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Within the CommUnity we like to think outside the box, bring ourselves out of our comfort zones and challenge another's opinion. Like this, we claim to be innovative and not only innovative, also hands-on. We walk the talk. We explore the sustainable energy field through innovative solutions and entrepreneurship. New markets, new ideas, how to develop a business model, success stories regarding innovations and many more topics are dealt with. Every person can be an innovator and entrepreneur within our CommUnity.


→ Join or propose an innovative idea within the CommUnity


A part of the CommUnity

CommUnity activities target CommUnity members - this is the core audience and network that events are marketed to. This includes alumni, entrepreneurs, InnoEnergy employees as well as senior and young professionals and students, in general all energy enthusiasts.
The activities are professional, upstanding events that embody the vision and mission of the CommUnity.

Activities are desired to be run smoothly and professionally, whilst avoiding offensive and biased content, and refraining from involving a political, religious or economic agenda - read below for some guidelines on what CommUnity Activities do not involve.


Organized by local CommUnity teams

Activities are organised by enthusiastic, committed CommUnity representatives.

A CommUnity representative is an active member of the CommUnity, forming part of the local or functional team, organizing an activity. 

Representatives can also contribute to the management of the local CommUnity in an administration role. A local CommUnity team of Representatives, lead by the local CommUnity Manager, ideate, organize and execute events they find appealing.

Organizing events takes time and effort, sure. Representatives know that they reward themselves and the people around them by organising activities. Representatives learn vital skills through their work: time management, project management, communication skills and financial acumen - not to mention team-work with an international, diverse and passionate team. The network and skills gained through being involved, as well as the pride and satisfaction of a successful Activity, far outweigh the cost of time and effort required.

Learn more about being a CommUnity Representative

Learn more about Leading CommUnity Activities


Support by the CommUnity

As a CommUnity Representative organizing a CommUnity Activity, you have the support of the entire CommUnity at your fingertips. Chatting to your Local Manager and fellow Representatives team is the first point of call for any issues you have. You will be surprised by how far the network extends, and just what kind of skills, contacts and assets are available through the sending of one email! Of course, for issues bigger than this, your Local Manager can refer you to the CommUnity Office located in Barcelona.


Learn more about the support structure


What is not a CommUnity Activity

  • CommUnity Activities are not to promote anything - no religious, political, commercial or economic agendas
  • CommUnity Activities do not involve biased, exclusionary or offensive content
  • CommUnity Activities are not organised by companies or entities
  • CommUnity Activities are not for topics unrelated to sustainable energy