Energy-related Startups around Europe (Collaborate)

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Hey everyone! I have a challenge for you: Let's put together a list of cool startups working in Energy/Mobility around Europe.


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I faced a problem about a year ago: I wanted to know what kind of startups were there around Europe working with energy/mobility products. I wanted to spot some companies that I could see myself joining and I couldn't find a good resource.


Why not? It seems that every list was either too filtered (only InnoEnergy backed projects, for example) or full of a combination of very early-stage university spinoffs without an actual product or market and corporate spinoffs that don't really hire. There's nothing wrong with those, it was just not what I was looking for. I kinda created the habit of doing search rounds from time to time, and follow the companies I came across on LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.


It turns out that my approach of following these companies everywhere online it's good to make news come my way, but not very effective if I just want to take a look at all of them. Today I decided to start putting them together as a list and though that this is a perfect opportunity to collaborate here and 1) share it with everyone 2) gather more interesting ones to the list.


Let's collaborate!

  • I would love to have your help building an awesome list. Drop your suggestions in the comment section, or send me a message directly.

  • Please just add some supporting notes on why you think they are interesting (nothing strict, I just want to avoid pure name-dropping)

  • Any suggestions on how to improve this, just shoot 


Criteria for companies: 

(work in progress - will add more later as I try to understand why I found these companies legit)

  • Being based in the EU
  • Having an actual product to sell and a market
  • English-friendly (website or job offers in English)


The List

(work in progress)


NameCountryURLShort Description
3megawattGermany Software for management of solar assets
AddVoltPortugal Power recovery for conventional trucks 
bboxxUK Energy access in off-grid areas
Bolt MobilityNetherlands Electric scooters
BuffaloGridUK Energy access in off-grid areas
ClimeonSwedenClimeon – Business for a better world Conversion of low quality heat into electricity
COUP MobilityGermany Electric scooters
Envelio GmbHGermanyenvelio Software for the digital transformation of electricity grids
EV-BoxNetherlands Public chargers for EVs 
eGainSwedenStartpage - eGain Climate forecasting based indoor heating optimization for energy efficiency 
myWarmAustriaMyWarm - Startseite Hydraulic balancing of heating systems to reduce energy consumption
NerdalizeNetherlands Servers used for domestic heating
OtegoGermanyThermoelectric Generators (TEG) for Energy Harvesting Applications | otego Thermal energy harvesting for IoT
Open EnergiUK Utility of the future
PavegenUK Energy-generating pavements
PowervaultUK Domestic batteries for energy storage
Smart Load SolutionsEstoniaSLS - Power optimization for IoT minded Energy consumption optimization cloud (uses market, weather, thermostat data) and Themo (floor heating controller that uses market data)
Smart PowerGermany scale storage systems and energy management
Solaris OffgridUK Energy access in off-grid areas
SonnenGermany Batteries for energy storage / Utility of the future
ubitricityGermany Public chargers for EVs
Unu MotorsGermany Electric scooters
UnitySweden Futuristic and cheap electric car
SmartivateGermanySmartivate - Smarthomes, Connected Home, Smart Home Solutions One stop shop for smart home devices
StimergyFrance Stimergy recycles the generated heat by data centers in the building heat circuit to improve building energy efficiency.


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