Strategy to make the CommUnity more environmental sustainable

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Hey let's try to get kind of a structure how we want to improve the sustainability of the CommUnity. 

I just start a bit what I think should be done or what we should discuss, just add in the comments what you think is missing. Or what you would do different.


1. I think in the first step we should define what we want to improve. 

   My suggestions:

   1.1 reduce CO2 emission (CO2 equivalent)

   1.2 reduce water consumption (specially when we are in countries with water scarcity)

   1.3 reduce waste

   anything missing?


2. Estimate our consumption in these points.

   Next we should determine roughly how much we consume or how much trash we produce. Also determine what is causing how much (flights, hotel, food), so that we can see where it makes the most sense to change something.


3. Look for alternatives or ways to reduce consumption.


4. Checkout compensation possibilities for unavoidable consumption. 


I think that's what I would suggest.

Please comment only about the structure not about the content in the points, we can discuss the content of the points in separate discussions.

have a nice weekend  

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