Energy-Lag Capacitor

Document created by Michał Tomaszewski Partner on 15-Feb-2017
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Digital Technologies - helping hand to electricity management.

World is in need of change. Access to one of the most fundamental and essential need of humans, energy, is being under bigger threat than ever before. Increasing energy demand creates negative environmental trends affecting all earth inhabitants. Electricity demand has to be backed-up by energy sector companies, which undergo extremely rapid shift. International policy imposes the smart use of generation, transmission and distribution assets. By 2050 electricity consumption might contribute to more than 30% of all energy demand. Our proposal fits into current trend of electrification of households. Energy-Lag capacitor helps to excise volatility and uncertainty of the electricity consumption of residential loads.

We are a group of passionate energy engineering students from diverse cultural and educational backgrounds. Our countries lead different energy policies, but we all agreed to the letter - use “smart” infrastructure can be optimized. We believe our proposal is best suited for residential consumers and with this technology grid operators will be able to get information on future consumption for each household. With this information grid operators will be able to utilize their assets more efficiently and will gain more accurate insight into the nature of the consumption of the consumers.

We aim to utilize existing grid infrastructure to instantaneously provide data on the type and probable time of usage of household appliances. Our solution is composed of a fast discharge energy source with a metering device and a data transmitter. Energy-Lag Capacitor provides a short delay of the energy load. By interaction with Smart Metering Infrastructure our device is able to identify and pass the information about the type of load and potential time of consumption basing on profile of instantaneous power draw. Further on built in communication system of smart meter will send the data to the SCADA management system of distribution and transmission enterprise. Taking advantage of the different speeds of transmission, information will reach the utility company while energy for the specific appliance is still being delivered by the energy storage device. Utility company will receive two types of information, on one side the energy that has to be delivered to the household and second, the time of potential use of the appliance drawing electricity. To not overload the system with an extremely vast amount of data, information is deleted at the very moment of discharge of capacitor. Our proposal will help to better manage the assets of distribution and generation companies, improve the reliability and safety of electricity distribution, reduce the peaks during high and low demand periods, smooth the electricity curves and improve the quality of the energy by, for example, improving the power factor at the level of household as well as provide substantial data regarding the impact of public policies and future planning of them.

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