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Topic: Social Economy to Affordable Energy – collaboration between communities using renewable energies  


Looking back at the past year, we realized that one of Europe’s main challenges was managing the refugees’ migration. There has been an enormous amount of deaths due to sea disasters/accidents while these people were trying to flee from their countries that could have been avoided. Therefore, we decided to create a solution that would effectively reduce this number.


We propose the installation of sea SOS floating platforms along the coast line which would work as a survival. For instance, if one is lost in the sea and fortunately catches sight of one of these illuminated platforms and reaches it, one would be able to send a SOS signal to the coast guard so that a rescue team could act.

Clearly energy plays a major role in the functioning of the platform, once an electronic system will be required for the SOS signal.

The aim of this solution would be to provide shelter to a group of at least 4 people at a time so that they could survive for the time required for a rescue team to reach them. Thus, we realized that the basic needs of these people at this time would be to have drinking water, some kind of nutrition (still to be discussed) and most importantly a shelter from cold.

We pictured it as a closed platform where people could hide from extreme weather conditions. This platform would be fed by a solar panel and also a turbine (wave/wind energy – still to decide) to generate energy which would be stored and consequently available at any time. This energy would be used to power a water desalinization system, a light and most importantly to power the electronics required to make this platform work.

Luckily, while coming up with this idea, we realized it could fit more uses, for example for beaches which are visited by surfers or sailors.