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Document created by Carlos González de Miguel on 14-Feb-2017
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Carlos González de Miguel (individual , graduate KIC PhD school)



  • To increase awareness about the energetic poverty problem.
  • To help replacing the old, inefficient domestic appliances by efficient ones.



Energetic poverty is a rising problem in our society. Sometimes, the customers in this dramatic situation are compelled to make use of alternative energy sources, that are cheaper, but more polluting and/or dangerous. It can be the case of charcoal for heating, or candles for light.

Nowadays, the solution involves agreements between public administrations, social services and utilities and the cost is divided among all the users.


The Energy checkbox is inspired by some airlines’ website that include a checkbox to donate 1€ for social purposes at the moment of booking a flight. This proposal follows a similar principle. At the moment of paying an electricity invoice, the customer is asked to voluntarily donate 1€ (reference quantity) for energy poverty purposes. For every donation, the contributor accumulates points, that can be exchanged for high energy efficiency domestic appliances to replace old and inefficient ones, within a range of products.


With this procedure we raise attention about the problem of energetic poverty we propose a mechanism to tackle this in a social way, and, at the same time, we encourage customers to replace old, inefficient house appliances for more efficient ones.


The idea is not limited to energetic poverty purposes, but other social goals of interest.


Public to be addressed:

The checkbox is addressed to all customers that pay invoices online.

The social services of the community still need to identify the citizens in risk of energy poverty, the addressees of this proposal.