ENERSAPIENS, approaching energy to people

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The topic in which this project is focused is DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES.


ENERTIM is formed by Oriol Casanovas, Ignasi Cifre, Àlex Garcia and Sergi Lloret. The project we are presenting is called ENERSAPIENS.


ENERSAPIENS is an application for smartphones and tablets that aim to approach the energy terms and model to laypeople. The main idea is to provide the general public with further knowledge of the energy system by an easy didactic interface. That way, common people would be engaged to the sustainability processes such as energy efficiency and decarbonisation of the system.


The first stage of the project is developing a game based application in which the laypeople answer different quizzes organised by levels of relevance, difficulty, and topics. These topics have to provide a good basis in energy concepts such as the difference between energy and power, the electricity bill structure, the different electricity tariffs available, the typical household demand, etc. After the basic concepts, the quizzes can involve more complex issues like the energy markets, energy mix, carbon intensity of the different technologies, etc.


This idea emerges from the necessity of enhancing the society education to raise awareness about the energy situation. Precisely, we have observed that many people are unfamiliar to most of the ideas regarding electricity, which impedes their empowerment in this sector. Moreover, even the current sources of information have difficulties when transmitting information regarding the energetic areas.


Furthermore, other experiences of knowledge conveyance by the usage of applications have proved to reach the public by an easy-going methodology. Even more, smartphones facilitate the use of these applications as it can be employed in every place at every moment.


The main objectives, from basic concepts to more detailed information, are:


  • Raise awareness to the general public about the energy situation by providing them with tools to understand it.
  • Favour the reduction of the energy consumption and the improvement of the energy efficiency at each household.
  • Simplifying complex energy related topics through a friendly interface.


People should understand all the energy related concepts before being able to apply specific measures for improving energy efficiency.

The scope of the project is making a purely informative app working through a quiz-based  environment. Moreover, the app can be scalable in much other aspects (or be complemented with other likely Iberdrola apps):


  • Provide energy related news rarely seen in national scale sources of information.
  • Information of the actualized hourly energetic mix together with the CO2
  • A web portal linked with the app with general information complementing the topics of the quiz.


This project is addressed to both Iberdrola customers and laypeople not necessarily linked to Iberdrola as a retailer as well. By means of this, the Iberdrola corporative image can be enhanced in terms of pioneering in energy efficiency and sustainability concepts amongst the society. The Iberdrola role within the energy market would be included in some of the questions, which will approach the company to everyone and promote its activity in the energy sector.