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1.1- Applicants must be registered individually on the platform before sending the projects      

A. Access to the following InnoEnergy CommUnity Website

B. Click on " Register ":



C. Enter your email address or one of your accounts in Facebook or Google to register on the platform:


D. Follow registration steps

E. When your account gets approved by InnoEnergy, you will receive a notification by Email to have access to the Iberdrola Energy Challenge Space. Log in using the username and password specified in the registration form

F.  Go to Activities and open the Iberdrola Energy Challenge Main Space:



1.2- Participants can be organized individually (for graduates only) or into teams of 2 - 4 members. Each one of the groups has a team representative to upload the Deliverables


1.3- The team representative has to click on the Button  How to SUBMIT A NEW TEAM. The Button will redirect the user to the creation of a group page to fill in the following information:

   - Name of the group
   - Description of the project
   - Group Type ( Private or Public)
   - Tags


Please make sure to read the Instructions: How to SUBMIT A NEW TEAM  



Limited access -  Below you can find the instructions to create Deliverables that are only visible to the team members and mentors


2.1- Create a Group according to the following instructions: How to SUBMIT A NEW TEAM 


2.2- You have to submit the following Deliverables to formalize your participation in the Iberdrola Challenge (See scheme Below): 


                   0- Teams set-up 

                   1- Ideation

                   2- Creation

                   3- Pitch Presentation

                   4- Winners´ Announcement


0Teams set-up

Team Registration

February 15th, 2017


Initial project Idea

(One page with the Description of the Idea)

February 15th, 2017

Project Proposal

(An Executive Summary of  four pages)

March 31st, 2017

3Final Pitch

Pitch Presentation

(The 10 finalist projects will deliver a poster and a video)

May 31st, 2017

4Winners Announcement

June 15th, 2017


For more information about Deliverables and Evaluation Criteria, please download the Challenge Basis


2.3- Create a document on the main page of your Group for each one of the Deliverables (Ideation, Creation and Pitch Presentation):



or  use Actions menu to create it:



Once you have created the document, enter the name of the project and a full description of the Deliverable, as described in the following image. Alternatively, you can attach a file from your computer:



Regarding the Pitch Presentation Phase, you have to create a new document to introduce the following items:

   -  Attach a Poster in a PowerPoint format

   -  Create a Video on Youtube and introduce the link in the Document

      For more information about how to create a Video on Youtube, please visit the following website


 Each Deliverable must have 2 tagsas shown in the following image:

   -  Deliverable

   -  Name of the phase (Ideation or Creation or Pitch-Video


 It is important to tag the documents to Identify your Deliverables


  • The Deliverable for each phase (Ideation, Creation and Pitch Video) should be posted in a separate document according to the criteria described before 
  • When documents are placed in a secret group, they are visible only to users who can access to the group     




    You can check if your Deliverables have been uploaded correctly following the next steps:


    3.1-  Click on the " Content " tab: 



     3.2-  Click on the section " Filter by tag ":



          And enter 2 tags in the section "  Filter by Tag " to check out your Deliverables:

   -  Deliverable

   -  Name of the phase (Ideation or Creation or Pitch-Video



    You can introduce changes in your Deliverable by using the “ Edit ” functionality, as shown in the next image:

  1.       Open the Deliverable following the steps described previously
  2.       Click on “ Edit ” at the top right corner: 



 C.  Make changes and save the document



You can share ideas about your project publicly.In that way, other teams will be able to read and comment your idea.

To share your idea on the platform, open the Iberdrola Energy Challenge space and create the following document:



or use the following link:


Add tag iberdrola-idea to the document

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