AlumniUnite Organising Team

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Claudio Geyken

Claudio cares deeply about sustainability, equality and creating meaningful connections between like minded people to improve our world. He loves languages. He manages the team for an awesome event!


Falko Döring

Falko is passionate about connecting people. As the facilitator of the event, he tries to establish a space, where everybody can contribute to the AlumniUnite!



Lorenzo is responsible for recruiting top-notch speakers to the event! Excited about climbing and outdoor activities, he loves being among positive-thinking people.


Robin Merl

Robin is in charge of finances and participants for this years event. He enjoys all kind of sportive activities and languages.




Carina is part of the logistics team for this year’s event. She loves climbing and yoga, exchanging with people from all over the world and having a good laugh.


Anca Solacolu

Anca is part of the logistics team, for the second year in the row. She is currently still discovering Berlin, the eight city she's lived in and hopes to get some roots there. She cherishes meaningful friendships and is happy to use the weekends for visiting new places.


Swaroop Rao

Swaroop is a part of the communication and the media teams. Whenever not pondering upon the mysteries of the world, he enjoys a good game of Squash.


Krishna Reddy

Full time artist, part time engineer. Day dreaming is my passion and i use my camera to express those vivid imaginations.  I am trying to combine, travel, photography, social media, education awareness and renewable energy all into one life.


Mishael Stanley

Mishael is one of the anchors in the communication team at this year’s AlumniUnite. He really does love to travel, have a good laugh and of course, sweat it off on the dancefloor.

Eryk Masiak

Eryk has his hand in whatever needs to be done for this year’s event. He believes that innovation happens at intersections - so he exposes himself to various ideas, activities and people, and seeks intersections.


Enrico Furnari

Enrico is in the content creation and photography's teams. He's driven by a passion for sustainability and energy efficiency, and he loves learning and challenging himself. Looking forward to catch the best moments of this year's event!


Jacob Dalton

Joining late in the piece, Jacob supports the team in anyway necessary. He loves being amongst nature and the outdoors and believes that the merging of various cultures, ideas and knowledge often create the most unique and beautiful results.

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