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Who can be a mentor:

  • Any CommUnity member who has 2+ years minimum of industry or academic experience in the energy field
  • Someone interested in engaging with a young professional to provide them with advice related to their needs or goals



Give back to the InnoEnergy CommUnity while also connecting with a recent graduate who can provide you with perspective on today’s youth. An hour a month can make a huge difference for a mentee, especially when entering the labor force for the first time.


You will also be able to gain access into the InnoEnergy CommUnity by being invited to exclusive events which can allow you to connect with all the members of the InnoEnergy CommUnity, the leading worldwide Community of sustainable energy professionals. Events include the AlumniUnite event, with full expenses paid, as well as the annual mentoring event/dinner.


How it works:


  • You will be shown a series of videos from potential mentees, and you can choose whether to accept a mentee.


  • Once you have chosen a mentee, try to meet with them at least once a month for an hour. Before the meeting, the mentee will provide you an agenda of what he would like to discuss during the meeting. Topics range from asking for advice to explaining a business idea and getting feedback from you.


  • Typically the mentee will have a goal that they are trying to achieve, and the mentoring relationship will last a few months to a year, at which point you can choose to continue with another mentee.


Who do I mentor:


To have an idea of who you would be mentoring, take a look at the following video of a mentee and his needs for a mentor.



Time commitment:


  • On average, 1 hour a month of time to meet with a mentee and provide him supportive guidance. The meeting can take place in person or over Skype.


  • Before the meeting, the mentee will provide an agenda with a series of questions or talking points


Sign up now:

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You will be contacted by a member of the Mentoring Team welcoming you to the programme and sharing the next steps.

Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge.

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