Local CommUnity Representatives - Barcelona

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Oriol Pujoldevall 

Function: Barcelona Local Manager

About me: Oriol aims to be in a constant state of evolution. He defines his career goal as the achievement of the perfect harmony between the Citizen and the City. Constantly pursuing new challenges, his main driver is building things that both fulfill him and lead to change the Status Quo. He was Local Representative during his first year in Stockholm, and now he’s using that experience to act as Local manager of the CommUnity in Barcelona.





Nikodem Bienia 


Function: Event manager

About me: Niko works on organizing local speaker events for the community. His work includes arranging professionals, catering and venues. He holds the strong belief that sustainability in energy needs to be created through democratization of its production, trading and consumption.   








Iker De Loma-Osorio


Function: InnoEnergy CommUnity Representative

About me: Iker’s main interest is building bridges between students and companies. He is motivated to support students to excel in their future careers and always opened to help them. He has won some experience throughout the last year organizing different events and working with other community representatives.




Alvaro Picatoste Ruilope


Function: Event Manager

About me: Alvaro is an active participant in the InnoEnergy Community since his enrollment in the Master School. He believes that building a strong network is the base for optimizing the knowledge and that amazing projects and ideas will came out from the activities of the community. His main interests on the Energy field are the consumption in buildings and the distributed generation.



Agata Mucha


Function: InnoEnergy CommUnity Representative

About me: Being proactive, offering commitment, flexibility and enthusiasm for learning, it was a must for Agata to become a CommUnity Representative during her first year in Barcelona. She has no doubt that building connections leads to exploring new and inspiring aspects of the chosen walk of life. She is eager to do her best as a part of the CommUnity.





Karolis Gesevicius

 Function: InnoEnergy CommUnity Representative

About me: Passion of meeting new people makes Karolis communicative and willing to participate in events. According to him, CommUnity combines both industrial and entrepreneurship spirit which applies with his interests. "Getting to know how actual things work in energy industries is a key competence in order to be successful and CommUnity gives more then that" - Karolis says. A chance to work with great team, trying to achieve common goals is the possibility he can not miss. 





Laura Broleri

Function: InnoEnergy CommUnity Representative
About me: Laura aims to find sustainable solutions to nowadays’ energy problems. After having spent one and a half years in the complex Shanghainese environment, she does believe that cultural awareness is the key to solve many of the issues related to energy and she knows how much important is the feeling of belonging to a community. She does believe that being active in the CommUnity is the first step to build a better world while engaging people towards a necessary energy revolution. 

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