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Lien Van Schepdael - Board coordinator

Lien initiated her master in Energy for Smart Cities at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm during the first year, and continued at UPC in Barcelona for her second master year. She did her thesis about intelligent distributed grids, working on methods to quantify the resilience of distributed intelligent control systems. Alongside her studies, she was involved in a student association writing scientific articles and opinions about energy, which motivated her to create the CommUnity Post team, formerly called the Editing Team.


Jacopo Sala - Event reporting manager

Jacopo believes sustainability as the essential goal for human survival and prosperity and he has that insane willingness to contribute with his experience and energy even in the smallest challenges. He elected solar energy and efficiency as his main contribution fields. He is a strong believer in the CommUnity as a strong interconnection of knowledge, cultures and active game changers able to tackle today’s and tomorrow’s energy challenges.


Swaroop Rao - Tech & Innovation content manager

Although believing that brevity is the soul of wit, Swaroop thinks that the long rant is occasionally necessary. He is based in Germany, having studied in the ENTECH Master programme.


Eryk Masiak - Public Relations and Contact person

Eryk believes that innovation happens at intersections - so he exposes himself to various ideas, activities and people, and seeks intersections.


Rachel Sadok - Review manager

Rachel is part of the CommUnity Post to help with grammar and overall polishing of articles covering community events. She believes that having a strong community will enable the achievement of worldwide energy equity and sustainability.


Krishna Reddy - Visual media manager

Full time artist, part time engineer. Day dreaming is my passion and i use my camera to express those vivid imaginations.  I am trying to combine, travel, photography, social media, education awareness and renewable energy all into one life.


Federico Bertoldi - InnoEnergy Stories manager

It may not look easy to connect InnoEnergy CommUnity members, having such a decentralized structure,but this is made possible by the valuable time of our CommUnity representatives. Federico tries to do his bit in the CommUnity Post. He joined the CommUnity last year, during his first year of SENSE Master program, in Stockholm. He found it was a good opportunity to really foster the debate about the energy challenges our generation is called to face. He wonders how such a recent project will grow in the future. Expectations - he reckons- loom great.


Jacob Dalton - Publisher

Profoundly passionate about sustainability Jacob believes that the merging of various cultures, ideas and knowledge often create the most unique and beautiful results. He sees the CommUnity post as a further catalyst for this merging within the CommUnity.


Rudolph Santarromana - Social Media Manager and Contributor

Rudolph believes that involving the right people is the most essential element to any successful organization or effort. He sees the CommUnity Post as a means of informing and connecting individuals throughout the InnoEnergy community through stories from a humanistic perspective. Combining experience in various fields, with various organizations, and in various locations, Rudolph finally arrived at the MSc SELECT Masters Program to develop his skills in pursuit of his ultimate goal of developing solutions to societal issues.

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