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Mina Mirzadeh

Function: Local Manager

About me: Mina is enthusiastic to find similarities in differences by meeting like-minded people, yet from different backgrounds. That's why she took the initiative to officially launch the first InnoEnergy Community in Leuven. She cares for sustainability to impact living standards of people within an equal geographical distribution. She believes any change sparks by people, with education as its A player. Aligned with her studies in Energy for Smart Cities, she aims to bring sustainable energy solutions to urban areas, BIPVs in particular, which empower citizens engagement.



Chiara Gulli

Function: Community Representative

About me: Chiara is excited to start this new adventure together with the Leuven and Benelux communities, pursuing the change of the current energy market and world, toward a future of sustainability and progress. She truly believes a strong network is important to make people's inspiration and creativity impactful: it is not possible to create something important and successful without the support of people who shares the same goals and hopes for the future as  yours. That's why the Community seems to her as a crucial tool to make InnoEnergy Education programmes more effective and powerful.Her function within the local community is to contact people external to the Community necessary to make every event and activity a success.


Lukas Galdikas

Function: Community Representative

About me: Lukas is fascinated by sustainable (including economic sustainability) development of energy system and believes that global action must be taken in order to deal with global challenges. That is why he strongly believes in the idea of CommUnity, which gathers and unites people from all around the world to suggest a sustainable pathway towards our future. Lukas is willing to share all his knowledge and network, while in exchange for that all he expects is You to share your own!






Laura Perez

Function: Community Representative
About me: Sharing is caring, that is why Laura thinks the best way to learn and to improve the sustainable and energy management field is by sharing with people. She thinks teamwork is crucial in our daily lives since it gives you different perspectives of a concrete topic, therefore it makes it easier to come up with the best solution. While participating in the MSc Energy in Smart Cities in Leuven, she desires to help as much as possible to promote this new community and this way, expand our InnoEnergy community.






Adam Nagy

FunctionCommunity Representative

About meAdam believes that change in the energy sector can only be achieved by holistic approaches, it is not merely a technological challenge. Being disciplined in many fields is a key to innovation, therefore studying in the Smart Cities programme is a perfect choice to leverage his background and experience in ICT and fusing it into the field of energy. He also believes that having a good team is something that really matters: when people come together to achieve a common goal in synergy, then 1 + 1 > 2 and anything can be achieved. Adam is actively looking for people in- & outside the CommUnity to do something amazing together.




Giuseppe Sgrò

Function: Community Representative

About me: Giuseppe believes that working in an international setting, where you can have the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences with students from different culture and backgrounds, can be the key to reshape the future for a sustainable society in  the energy field. Therefore in conjunction with his study in Energy for Smart Cities, he is enthusiastic about being part and contribute to the growth of the InnoEnergy Community




Srikant Anantapatnaikuni

Function: Community Representative

About me: Srikant joined his masters in Energy for Smart cities in KU Leuven. He joined the Leuven community to give it a strong foundation for its first year. He is interested in traveling, meeting new people and sharing new ideas for sustainability. He believes this community will provide him a platform to meet new people and exchange ideas. He is enthusiastic to meet people from different cultures.



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