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 A warm welcome from the leadership team organising most CommUnity activities.




Here are the full time employees for the CommUnity. 


Claudio leads the team, Rob manages the online activities, Falko mainly leads events, Jacob assists mainly with the financial part and Alba is responsible of UX and design.



Claudio Geyken 

CommUnity Officer


Claudio is the founder and director of the CommUnity project and works for InnoEnergy. He cares deeply about sustainability, equality and creating meaningful connections between like minded people to improve our world. Having studied the RENE master he is interested in particular in solar energy and storage. He's multicultural and loves languages. He manages the team of representatives for awesome CommUnity activities and events! He is excited about establishing links between InnoEnergy employees in order to achieve knowledge triangle.








Robert Pleticha

Online CommUnity Manager


Rob is a community organiser whose work has taken him from the United States to Romania, then France, and Spain. He loves traveling and believes in the power of communities to be a place for people to network, share information, and improve their lives, by coming together on the right platform. He is energized to be working with the bright InnoEnergy team to help contribute towards the strengthening of the community through managing and optimizing content on the CommUnity platform. Get in contact with him if you'd like to find out how to increase your visibility and involvement







Falko Döring

CommUnity Engagement Manager


Falko is the CommUnity Engagement Manager of our community. A position tailor made for him, because his passion is to connect people, business and opportunities for a purpose. The purpose for him is to live a sustainable life without jeopardising future generations. In order to connect, he encourages to share the values of entrepreneurship, innovations and sustainable energy solutions, to organise fantastic events and to have a meaningful impact. As an alumni of the master school ENTECH, his journey brought him closer to new cultures and languages. He enjoys sport, music and strategic board games. Contact him to get stronger involved in the CommUnity, to make your ideas reality!









Jacob Dalton

CommUnity Officer Assistant


Jacob is profoundly passionate about sustainability and is eager to play a role in the improved direction society as a whole must take. He comes from a diverse background and believes that the merging of various cultures, ideas and knowledge often create the most unique and beautiful results. He believes being conscious of the injustices we are surrounded with, comes with a moral obligation to make even the smallest of positive changes. He feels blessed to be within the InnoEnergy CommUnity and sees its potential as utterly endless.









Alba Mata

UX Design Intern


Alba is an advertiser and UX designer, passionate about platforms because of their power to connect like-minded people. With a background on Sharing Economy Platforms, she loves design and its power to communicate. She belives that new technologies have provided the tools to connect people in unprecedent ways and that we must use such power to disrupt the energy sector. Really glad to be part of the InnoEnergy, she is looking forward to bringing her learning to the community and to contribute to this crucial purpose-driven venture of making the world a sustainable place.







Here are the CommUnity representatives who are passionate volunteers on their free time.



Tomas Baronas

Mentoring Programme Manager


Tomas is a Electromechanical/Software Engineer working on a number of projects as part of a hardware/software development company. He holds a BASc in Mechanical Engineering from UBC and an MSc. Management in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from ESADE in collaboration with InnoEnergy, and has previously worked in HP, Canon, and Greenlight Innovation amongst others designing and building machines, products and software. Currently residing in Barcelona, yet always on the move, Tomas loves to travel, snowboard, and enjoy life to the fullest moment. See the full Mentoring Programme Team here.






Jacopo Sala 

CommUnity Post Manager


Jacopo believes sustainability as the essential goal for human survival and prosperity and he has that insane willingness to contribute with his experience and energy even in the smallest challenges. He elected solar energy and efficiency as his main contribution fields. He is a strong believer in the CommUnity as a strong interconnection of knowledge, cultures and active game changers able to tackle today’s and tomorrow’s energy challenges.






Dimitris Bronowski

Lisbon Local CommUnity Manager


Dimitris is passionate about creating connections, building meaningful relations and leveraging the power of a strong Professional Network. His vision is to enable all active members of the community to create the future they envision by developing their own personal traits and building the network that can allow them to fulfill that goal. Are you interested in creating the connections with the people that can help you reach your goals? Get in touch! Find all the Local CommUnity Representatives - Lisbon here






Oriol Pujoldevall

Barcelona Local CommUnity Manager 


Oriol aims to be in a constant state of evolution. He defines his career goal as the achievement of the perfect harmony between the Citizen and the City. Constantly pursuing new challenges, his main driver is building things that both fulfill him and lead to change the Status Quo. He was Local Representative during his first year in Stockholm, and now he’s using that experience to act as Local manager of the CommUnity in Barcelona. Find all the Local CommUnity Representatives in Barcelona here






Samrat Bose

Karlsruhe Local CommUnity Manager 


Samrat believes  that just identification and ideation of the problems of global energy crisis is not enough. We need people from different backgrounds with the common motivation of making an impact in the field of sustainable energy to come together and build a plan of action and proceed forward with building up of a workforce to mitigate this challenge of global warming in a sustainable way. Find all theLocal CommUnity Representatives in Karlsruhe, Germany here






Lukas Keller

Stockholm Local CommUnity Manager


Lukas is convinced that connecting people in co-creative and entrepreneurial ways enables them to tackle tomorrow's challenges in energy and sustainability. Open and direct communication is the method and building up the people in his environment is the purpose. He constantly looks for new ideas to get inspired and to evolve. Lukas managed and facilitated several events in the CommUNITY Lisbon for students, academics and entrepreneurs. He is currently expanding this work to Stockholm as Local CommUNITY Manager. Find all the CommUnity Representatives - Stockholm here




Mina Mirzadeh

Leuven Local CommUnity Manager 


Mina is enthusiastic to find similarities in differences by meeting like-minded people, yet from different backgrounds. That's why she took the initiative to officially launch the first InnoEnergy Community in Leuven. She cares for sustainability to impact living standards of people within an equal geographical distribution. She believes any change sparks by people, with education as its A player. Aligned with her studies in Energy for Smart Cities, she aims to bring sustainable energy solutions to urban areas, BIPVs in particular, which empower citizens engagement. Find all the Local CommUnity Representatives - Leuven here







Davide Garufi

Eindhoven/Benelux Local CommUnity Manager


Davide aims to leverage on the CommUNITY network to change the game. Only together we can reach tremendous sustainability goals for our society.  He is an alumnus of the postmaster program PDEng Smart Energy Buildings and Cities at TU/e Eindhoven. Currently working as Project Manager and bridging R&D and Business Development in VITO one of the leading independent European applied research center within the department of Smart Energy and Built Environment. Entrepreneurial minded he has worked for a startup into BIPV Facade systems and recently started his own company. In his experience as CommUNITY Manager since March 2015 he strives to empower the representative teams, support the members and attract new communities towards ours with the goal of bringing more value and business/networking potential. Find all the CommUnity Representatives - Eindhoven here






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