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Build a hardware or software project from idea to prototype in a weekend! Website: TehnoHack    TehnoHack is one of the biggest Estonian hardware hackathlons, which brings together innovative idea authors with hardware and software engineers. The goal is to build a functional device from the idea during a weekend – is it a minidrone, smart… (Show more)
Hello everybody,    I am currently doing some research about using HVAC system for demand response service.    I have attached a simple logic scheme of a classic HVAC system for big environments with 2 different "classic" way to control the chiller power consumption. In order to perform the 1st strategy it would be necessary to interact directly… (Show more)
A new digital age requires new approach for digitalizing our energy network. We must all utilize the opportunities offered by technological innovation and increase the "smartness" of our energy system while paying increasing attention to our systems’ cyber security. The growing importance of information and communication technologies is becoming… (Show more)
A well done company promo video! I wonder if anyone has found others that are this engaging and promote a sustainable energy solution and could post it below?   Partnering up with breathingbarcelona davidenergie? 
Video preview image▶︎
                                                                World Startup Factory has partnered with The City of The Hague and they are looking to accelerate growth of smart cities startups.   Apply for Smart Cities - World Startup Factory Impact Accelerator 2017. Impact Accelerator 2017: Cities program will provide selected startups with… (Show more)
A company called Grid+ recently published this whitepaper on their use of the ethereum blockchain for energy markets GridPlus_Whitepaper_1.4.pdf - Google Drive    With all the different blockchains out there, how would an energy project know which to choose? Do you see a lot of future uses of ethereum for energy markets? Any other projects you… (Show more)
Hi everybody,   I am working on a side-project about DR while finalizing my thesis, and I need data about energy (i.e. electricity and heating) demand of a district or a small city. A hourly time-step would be enough. Does anybody know about data sources that could be useful?   As a side note, I think it would be great to create a list of… (Show more)
Hello Everyone, I am Anand, Entech alumni 2013-15. I have recently started a start-up in Munich regarding Smart Home devices and home automation. Check out the link of our success here. I am putting together a team of enthusiasts who might be interested in start-ups related to Smart Homes. I am looking forward for people with following… (Show more)
Topics presented: nZEB concept overview Business case and perspective of distributed power generation systems Smart energy management systems with energy storages Residential and small commercial energy storage systems, prototype presentation Registration deadline 05.06.2017, I can forward your details to the organisers of the event.
In last October a DDos attack against Dyn (a DNS host) was conducted by using a Mirai botnet that consists of IoT devices (10s of millions of IP addresses were used during the attacks). This affected the accessibility of many sites in USA and Europe. The Mirai botnet was built using the weaknesses of IoT devices, e.g. users often using default… (Show more)
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