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Michele Andreoli
Hi, guys, I'm trying to find a way to innovate one of the older markets in existence; the real estate market. I wanted to implement new technologies and new solutions to redefine the landscape and the possibility of it. In particular, I was thinking to split the ownership between a company that would manage the energy part and the users that will…
Marine Cornelis
Hi guys, I'm doing extensive research on energy poverty and the overall policy conclusion is that to solve energy poverty, we need more energy efficiency. However, consumers, in general, pay little attention to energy (11 minutes/year?!), and my feeling is that energy efficiency and retrofitting remains, unfortunately, a gadget for the rich and… (Show more)
Gianluca Mauro
In the previous article about Artificial Intelligence in the energy sector we’ve seen some of the scenarios in which AI can be a great asset. Today we’ll zoom in one of the toughest challenges that not only the energy sector, but the whole world is facing and how AI can help.   Several environmental, economical, and political factors are making a… (Show more)
Gianluca Mauro
In the last three blog posts, we’ve seen the opportunities of integrating Artificial Intelligence in the energy sector. On the other hand, AI is a technology that has had such a rapid development that many professionals and businesses face troubles in embracing it. In this article, we want to give a few tips aimed at professionals, small startups… (Show more)
Robert Pleticha
Our Artificial Intelligence and Energy Webinar with Gianluca Mauro is all set for next Tuesday, 13 March at 10.00 CET.    Don't forget to register for the webinar to receive the webinar link by email, we look forward to tackling this interesting topic with you.   If you have a question based on Gianluca's blogs or anything about Artificial… (Show more)
Giulia Torri
Carbon Footprint Challenge 2018   The Carbon Footprint Challenge provides a platform ( for ideas to reduce carbon footprint of manufacturing and industrial processes as well as of product throughout their entire value chain.  Register, form a team, submit an idea and develop it collaboratively! Get the chance to win… (Show more)
Gianluca Mauro
For a modern company, investing in energy saving should be a no-brainer. It is one of these rare cases in which business and environmental needs are perfectly aligned, and the large infusion of public investments we’ve recently witnessed can do nothing but increase the momentum.   However, apart from certain energy-intensive industries, most… (Show more)
Gianluca Mauro
Introuction “If I were starting out today and looking for an opportunity to make a big impact in the world, I would consider three fields. One is artificial intelligence (AI). We have only begun to tap into all the ways it will make people’s lives more productive and creative. The second is energy, because making it clean, affordable, and reliable… (Show more)
Victor Blanaru
Hello, Community members   Just wanted to start a small discussion and ask you how important do you think it's the embodied energy for a building in the context of Life Cycle Energy Analysis.    The Embodied Energy (EE) represent the energy demand for the building's materials ( including energy for extraction of raw materials, manufacturing and… (Show more)
Robert Pleticha
This group of guys is trying to push the boundaries of electric vehicles with a new model and concept they developed after their experience in the solar races at TU/e. They aim to cars fully powered by solar, check their link for more information. For the feasibility of the project I must confess I would be very happy to see if they manage to… (Show more)
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