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Emilien Simonot
Happy to share this freshly publicated reference in the field of lcoe analysis.
in Renewable Energies
Mikel Lasa
Quite amazing to see the dimensions of these huge structures and to imagine the engineering challenge it represents to build and install them. Congratulations to the Statoil-Hywind team for being the first to deploy the first floating offshore wind farm!   We hope  to see very soon our friends and InnoEnergy Community members from Principal Power…
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in Renewable Energies
Mercè Labordena
I would like to share here this post from a colleague of mine on the role and trajectory of concentrating solar power in our electricity systems. Here is the reference to our publication: Lilliestam J, Labordena M, Patt A, & Pfenninger S (2017) Empirically observed learning rates for concentrating solar power and their responses to regime change.… (Show more)
in Renewable Energies
Chris Parker
In 2011 South Africa's Department of Energy (DOE) initiated a program to facilitate the investment and development of utility-scale renewable energy projects in the country. Besides the benefits of renewable energy, the program would add much needed generation capacity to the grid as the state-owned utility, Eskom, was struggling to meet demand.… (Show more)
Konstantinos Tzanakakis
Hi everyone,   I can secure a couple of free tickets for the conference Solar Asset Management Europe held in Milan on 7-8 November.   It is the leading B2B conference fully dedicated to the optimization of the operational phase of PV plants and portfolios. Executives from the industry will talk about technical and financial topics such as new… (Show more)
in Renewable Energies
Abdul Salam
Seems like efforts, in making the solar energy available to everyone by optimizing its cost, are coming to fruition. It's an indication that we are going in the right direction and day is not far when Renewables will be competing with the fossil fuels in price.Have a look at this latest article by Bloomberg and have your say here   Solar Grew… (Show more)
in Renewable Energies
Madis Leinakse
The video recording of the conference is long, so for finding the part you are interested, the agenda of the event could be useful.   11.00-11.20 Opening speeches Kadri Simson, Minister for Economic Affairs and Infrastructure of Estonia Jerzy Buzek, European Parliament 11.20-11.50 Keynote interview Miguel Arias Cañete, European Commission… (Show more)
Enrico Furnari
Hi,   I would like to share with all you an article that summarizes what I have been working on in the past few months. Even ahead of the Tesla Semi-truck, this is one of the first comprehensive studies on the potential of electric truck.   While private owners have range concerns on EVs, commercial businesses have a much more predictable… (Show more)
in Renewable Energies
Christofer Friberg
Our planet the earth has to cater for a continiously growing population today + 7 billion people and expeted to grow up to 9 billion by year 2050. All of them aspiring and looking to enjoy constantly higher levels of living standards. Already today the 7 billion people on the earth consumer several times more of the limited and both non-renwable…
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