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Early Bird- ONLY UNTIL SEPTEMBER 1ST- Apply for the Energy Efficiency for Better Buildings Specialisation and get an additional discount of 15%

Blog Post created by Carolina Espinoza Partner on 30-Aug-2017

Via our digital learning portal iSE -The Institute of Sustainable Energy, InnoEnergy offers a new professional learning course that broaden your career horizon to encompass exciting new opportunities in the energy field.
The course Energy Efficiency for Better Buildings gives you the skills and knowledge you need to implement effective energy-saving strategies across all your buildings and premises.


If you want to play a key role in reducing your organisation’s energy use, minimise your energy bills, and contribute towards a wider reduction in carbon emissions, this is the course for you. It is split into four modules that cover the basic concepts and tools of energy management in buildings; building systems; the development of energy management practice; and the standards and regulations that apply.


The specialization is composed by four courses: Definitions, models and tools; Buildings energy systems; Energy Management; Regulations & Standards. You can take all the specialization or each of the courses separately.



All members of the CommUnity can get a discount of 25% and an additional discount of 15%  only if you apply before September 1st.


How to get your discount


To get your discount, register on The Institute of Sustainable Energy portal. To do so, please visit the register page  where you will be asked to provide your details. After this, you will receive an e-mail with your login and password. Once you have signed in, click on the following links and enter the discount code.


-If you apply for complete specialization you receive your discount (final prize: 450€ 382.50 €) by clicking here and entering the discount code: KYYDU9
- If you apply for “Definitions, models and tools you receive your discount (final prize: 150 95.63 €) by clicking here and entering the discount code: 7DFMOH 


- If you apply for “Buildings energy systems", you receive your discount (final prize: 150 95.63 €) by clicking here and entering the discount code: INEN0G 


- If you apply for “Energy Management, you receive your discount (final prize: 150 95.63 €) by clicking here and entering the discount code: 7WKA5Z


- If you apply for “Regulations & Standards, you receive your discount  (final prize: 150 95.63 €) by clicking here and entering the discount code: 8WV8LW


The start dates are approaching so don't miss out on this career development opportunity! Please feel free to contact us: