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Blog Post created by CommUnity by InnoEnergy Partner on 02-Jul-2018

The 2018 Photo Contest is now closed. Thanks to everyone for entering. View an album with all the entries here




Introducing the first ever InnoEnergy CommUnity Photo Contest taking place this July 2018! As the first step in our CommUnity Contest Summer Series, made up of three separate competitions running from July through to September, the photo contest will search for images which can best illustrate an answer to the following question:



What does our earth look like, if we collaborate worldwide as one CommUnity to achieve a sustainable energy future?



How to Enter:


1. Visit the CommUnity Photo Contest and submit your photo to the contest, it's free to enter. You can browse the gallery and vote for your favourite. Don't forget to read the Rules of the Photo Contest.


2. Share the link to your photo on your Timeline and get your connections to vote.





Launch of photo contest

1 July 2018

Deadline for submitting a photo

31 July 2018

CommUnity contacts the first, second and third place winners

6 August 2018

CommUnity Awards Ceremony - Official announcement of the winners
during The CommUnity Days 2018 in Lisbon.

27 October 2018



There will be three winning photos chosen from those submitted and the winning photographers will be presented with awards at the CommUnity Days in Lisbon on 26-28 October. Award payout will be shortly after.


1) A monetary prize of 500 EUR for the first place

2) A monetary prize of 300 EUR for the second place

3) A monetary price of 100 EUR for the third place


Eligibility Requirements

The photo has to be taken by the applicant who also owns the complete licensing rights for the photo. It has to be submitted no later than the deadline through the CommUnity Facebook page. Like legal documents? Read the full rules of participation


Eligibility Criteria

Anyone registered on this CommUnity platform is eligible to participate in the contest. The CommUnity member is asked to be available at the award ceremony, 27th of October in Lisbon, to receive the prize. 


Award Criteria

The InnoEnergy CommUnity office evaluates the submitted application material based on predefined award criteria based on image quality, caption, and how well the image addresses the question.


Good luck and comment below with your questions or write: