Anna Korzeniewska

How unawareness can harm...

Blog Post created by Anna Korzeniewska Partner on 31-Jan-2018

In the few last years, in Poland there is this "marketing boom" and everyone wants to buy "ANTI-SMOG" masks. As I am working with air pollution I can tell You that not every sollution that has been proposed was a good one. In fact, after many talks with experts I can assure You that some of available masks on the market are just money extortion...
Today I read the article, in which there is written that Polish Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK) has prohibited sale of some of the available "anti-smog"masks.

The article details how an attempt to save on health or lack of the principal knowledge of the subject can be harmful. And can do it doubly. Why?
First of all, you spent the money in vain. And secondly, the purches that You did, which was to protect You, dosn't protect You, on the contrary.

Nieskuteczne maski antysmogowe