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10 things you might not have known about the platform

Blog Post created by Robert Pleticha Partner on 27-Nov-2017


119 vacancies have been posted to the Career Centre since launch last year. An increasing number of leaders in the sustainable energy are turning to InnoEnergy alumni and network for their talent needs.




The most visited platform group is the Forum that had over 30,000 page views last month. The Forum is where members can discuss any issue or topic on their mind and get feedback from others.




Your company or organisation can partner with the CommUnity on an event, case solving challenge, or even by supporting this platform, learn more here.




Ideas are the front end of the innovation process. Receive comments and feedback on your ideas while other members can vote up or down. Get that idea out of your head and into a group of talented people that will help you develop it further.


Post an idea




Collaborate on a shared document with other platform members and use the power of collective knowledge to learn and exchange new ideas.



Find skilled people for your next project by going to the Members section and adding filters to search by skill, affiliation to InnoEnergy, location, and many more. Also, use the free search to look for other members who have mentioned keywords in their profiles.




Write a blog post and have it reviewed by the professional editing team of the CommUnity Post. Learn more.

 Voice of the CommUnity



We are almost at 2,000 total members and hope to reach it by the end of 2017. 

  • 1,926 total members
  • 427 members active in past week (23%)
  • 30% of members are senior professionals in the sustainable energy field





You can become the CommUnity Member of the Month, here's how






Discover the over 20 new events added per month in the events section.




We would love to promote you, your events, job openings, and any other news you have through our CommUnity communication channels, just write for more information.