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CommUnity Barcelona: Welcome Event

Blog Post created by Chris Parker Partner on 30-Oct-2017

Barcelona CommUnity started off the year by welcoming both first and second year InnoEnergy students at a gathering that brought together InnoEnergy MSc. Students, alumni and InnoEnergy Barcelona staff for an evening of ice-breaking, information and inspiration.


Proceedings kicked-off with a welcome from Barcelona CommUnity Manager Oriol Pujoldevall, who introduced the speakers for the evenings proceedings. First up was Claudio Geyken, CommUnity Officer, and who else could better describe the structure and purpose of the CommUnity than the guy who pitched the idea to InnoEnergy himself. We heard about the humble beginnings of the CommUnity, and how the achievements of the initial cohort of InnoEnergy students inspired Claudio.


Claudio spoke about the role that the CommUnity can play, as a network of people sharing a vision of a sustainable energy powered world. In this regard the CommUnity has gone beyond a network of InnoEnergy students, and academics to include professionals, students and anyone else who shares this common vision.


Welcome Event

Gathering of CommUnity Barcelona


Next up was Falko Döring, the CommUnity Engagement Officer, who warmly welcomed the first year students and enthusiastically highlighted the exciting journey they have embarked on. He recalled his two-year journey in the MSc. ENTECH program, and the challenges and fulfillment that it brought. Falko also announced that a group of selected first year student will have the exciting opportunity of attending this year’s alumniunite2017 event. He finished-off by highlighting that as the CommUnity engagement officer, he is the first port-of-call for students who have an idea and want to develop it further through the CommUnity.


Falko, CommUnity Engagement Officer

Falko, CommUnity Engagement Officer


To further highlight the role that the CommUnity can play in helping you develop your ideas, Jordi Guillumet Canals, xoldi, presented his experience of co-organising the GOTLAND ADVENTURE. He explained how the Gotland Adventure started off as the simple idea of Enric Perarnau Ollé, enricpo,  to visit the popular Swedish island with friends, but transformed into educational excursion. Jordi explained how working through the CommUnity they were able to organise the event in partnership with the Gotland Municipality.


To finish off the event, everyone took part in a game of social bingo and the task at hand was to find the person corresponding to different facts presented on the cards. It was the perfect way to finish off the proceedings and transition to casual conversation.


Social Bingo

The game of social bingo