Robert Pleticha

Lessons learned for our CommUnity Platform from JiveWorld 2017

Blog Post created by Robert Pleticha Partner on 22-May-2017
I attended JiveWorld 2017 along with colleaguesMiroslaw Kucharzyk and Claudio Geyken and wanted to share some of my notes with the CommUnity. JiveWorld is the annual gathering of Jive Software customers and allows for sharing of best practices while using Jive while enabling customers to meet Jive staff and others leveraging Jive to create active online communities. 
Companies are really using Jive for any kind of use you can imagine, from online learning to customer service for healthcare companies to even the NASA space programme. Here are some key insights along with the implications for our CommUnity platform.
CommUnity platform measurement and sharing timely, accurate data is key to demonstrating value
We will be creating a custom dashboard of analytics/data to share regularly with CommUnity members and InnoEnergy staff enables everyone to follow the growth and value created on the platform. The dashboard will include: some of the KPIs that we have identified in our CommUnity Platform Strategy and support the monitoring of the strategy, quotes and qualitative feedback and finally, contain key insights can be understood no matter what the person's familiarity with the platform.
Example dashboard
Create a Platform Champions Programme
Champions are active users of a online platform that take ownership for different sections and help the admins and community managers create a valuable experience for all members. In exchange Champions receive training, recognition and a chance to help shape how they platform grows and evolves. 
We had been planning a Platform Champions Programme for a few months now and recently finalised the description of the programme during the Platform Workshop. We've begun to recruit and work with a small group of Champions to help administer, moderate and drive knowledge sharing in some of the platform groups and spaces. As the platform grows, we want to keep the posts there of high quality and be supported by experts in the field or those studying and well on their way to becoming experts. This session helped validate our initial idea of a Champion Programme and gave us more ideas for how to create an annual workshop with the Champions to learn how to improve and celebrate their achievements.
Ellucian's Captains Programme
Our CommUnity Platform will compatible with the Jive Daily App this Summer
Tried our Jive-X app for Android or iOS and then switched back to the mobile responsive browser version? Me too. At this point, I would not reccomend the Jive-X app to a new user, but we learned from Jive Staff that the better quality Jive Daily app will be available for our CommUnity Platform this Summer. Currently, Jive Daily is only working with internal communities using Jive-N software but a new version of the app coming this Summer will also make it compatible with Jive-X communities like ours and we can switch over and promote the new app, stay tuned!
Screenshot Jive Daily
Draw inspiration and design ideas from how others have customised Jive
As mentioned before, Jive has different times of community software for companies using it for internal or external uses. In addition to that, it's important to know if another community example that is also well designed and layed out is hosted on Jive Cloud or On Premise. Our platform is on Jive Cloud, meaning Jive is responsible for maintaining the source code but with that comes less options for customisation. So, if we see an example of another community using Jive we should make sure they are Jive-X and hosted on Cloud, otherwise we won't really be able to integrate design ideas in to our own platform. Here's a list of some other communities like ours:


Use the Mark as Official and Mark as Outdated on Documents

We are still in the early stages of our community lifecycle, but it is still important to start good habits. If you see a Document on the platform that has old information or is the final version please mark accordingly. It will help the search engine to identify the most relevant content for other members.



When setting up a New Group, always leave the default setting of Activity+Pages

The number of groups on our platform is growing and with that we need to ensure that any new groups are mobile friendly and all group content can be accessed easily across devices. When you start a New Group, the default setting keeps you on the right track, please feel free to adjust the layout of a group you create, but NEVER change the group setting to Overview page. That will mean the group is not mobile-friendly and will impact the ability of anyone wanting to contribute while on the go. If you have any questions about your group, I'm here to help.




I have a notebook full of other lessons and contacts but I think we can leave it here for now. I hope for future JiveWorld conferences we will have some best practices and lessons learned to share with the others using Jive. If you would like to become more involved in the platform as a Group Owner or Platform Champion, please comment below or send me a message.