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Seaborg got funded!

Blog Post created by Eirik Eide Pettersen Partner on 16-May-2017

"Copenhagen-based startup Seaborg Technologies, which is developing an advanced thorium-based molten salt reactor (MSR), has received a grant from Innovation Fund Denmark (IFD), a move that marks the first Danish investment into nuclear fission research since the country’s ban on nuclear power in 1985. "


Denmark Takes Step Into Fission Research With Grant For Seaborg Technologies 

In ‘Anti-Nuclear’ Denmark, How A Reactor Startup Is Helping To Change Opinions 


And for those that understand Scandinavian, here an incredibly positive radio interview featuring the Seaborg CEO:


Radio24syv | skal vi statsstøtte forskning i atomkraft? 



Exciting times! Stay up to date with what happens next:


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