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Energy Innovation & Poverty

Blog Post created by Bharat Jangra Partner on 12-Mar-2017


Consider a human from poor background who does not have access to good quality food, lack of access to electricity, lack of access to good quality education. What options does he/she possibly have?

1. Work to improve himself/herself in every possible area to survive.

2. For this to happen, quality education is the key to success in some countries/ survival in other countries.

3. To receive quality education, invariably, health and peace of mind are basic ingredients on which positive outcomes depend .

4. This person moves out from rural area to urban part to discover why urban part is praised so much.

5. He/she tries to learn the best practises of the urban part but he/she will face challenges during transition.

6. Assuming that he/she is able to learn the best of the urban part, he /she goes back to rural part and starts to make difference in the rural part. 


Energy Innovation


PAST : How it can happen? Was Edison able to discover electricity bulb in a defined timeframe? Were Newton or Einstein able to discover laws of motion or theory of relativity in one go? They all failed but the art of failing made them realise the path they cannot take. But eventually, they were able to make big impact on the whole mankind.


PRESENT: Why most of research patents are from countries which are good in Human Development Index parameters? They live in peaceful environment, they have time and money to work on the things they like to work upon. Most Importantly , they have capacity to maintain this and adhere to guidelines. Now consider the opposite scenario, where government dictates what a citizen can possibly think or try to do? Which situation will you choose for your well-being? Is it wrong to work for personal well-being?


FUTURE: Consider the political leaders, Barack Obama (Harvard Graduate) , Manmohan Singh ( Cambridge Pass-out ) , Antonio Guterres ( Tecnico Lisboa Graduate) . They have different backgrounds and all climbed to best position in their respective country. Were they all able to make impact ? Yes, I believe.   


Did Technical innovation pulled people out of poverty? Scientific Evidence suggests, It gave them access to new ways and means of learning new and improved methods of living.


The Road Ahead

Develop a good idea, work on it till all positive outcomes can be figured out and Implementation is the key. Howsoever faulty may be a energy policy, if it is implemented in a way to benefit people with right intention, everyone will join and whole earth will be able to meet the climate targets of COP-21 or COP-22.