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Gonçalo Guerreiro
Hey everyone! I have a challenge for you: Let's put together a list of cool startups working in Energy/Mobility around Europe.   Add a company to the list  Backstory: I faced a problem about a year ago: I wanted to know what kind of startups were there around Europe working with energy/mobility products. I wanted to spot some companies that I…
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Claudio Geyken
Good day CommUnity members!   Podcasts are a very informative way to learn, you can listen even while doing something else. Detailed analyses are offered. Resources are difficult to find, hence, I suggest to collaborate together on a list of the best sources and featured episodes. If you have a podcast to add to this list, please click on edit… (Show more)
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Rachel Sadok
This is for all the Musk-ophiles out there! I enjoyed reading this more candid interview Rolling Stones did with Elon, hope you all enjoy as well.   Find the article here.
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Jacob Dalton
“These trends are the start of something that might be enough – yet the two key words are ‘start’ and ‘might’.”   The seven megatrends that could beat global warming: 'There is reason for hope' | Environment | The Guardian    There's hope, so lets keep moving. From my readings the next 3 years are crucial - what an exciting time to be part of… (Show more)
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Lukas Galdikas
Main energy trading companies in Europe join forces and finance Ponton Blockchain technology based wholesale energy market project. Ponton has experience in blockchain technology application in energy sector (Enerchain P2P Trading Project).    Seems that there is great chance to develop mainstream platform for Europe and rest of world! Check the… (Show more)
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Nikodem Bienia
Hey folks,  in recent times I created a stronger interst in programming and decided I try to push it to the next level. That is why I got myself a Raspberry pi and want to get all geeky about it.    As there are endless opportunities to what you can do with it, it can be sometimes quite challenging to keep up with your focus. My idea of the… (Show more)
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Efrain Arturo Hernandez Mora
Hey guys!!   I am not sure if you already know about this, but I just found out about the New Energy Pioneers 2018, from Bloomberg. I think it would be really interesting to get our community to take part on this amazing contest Please, make this reach anyone you know to become a New Energy Pioneer   New Energy Pioneers 2018 | Bloomberg New… (Show more)
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CommUnity Post
The Mentoring Programme was born with the aim of creating stronger bonds between those who had successful careers in the energy fields and those who are just starting out. It is a 1 to 1 interaction between a student or recent graduate and a mentor, where the mentor provides the mentee with supportive guidance and the mentee can have optional,… (Show more)
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Chris Parker
Barcelona CommUnity started off the year by welcoming both first and second year InnoEnergy students at a gathering that brought together InnoEnergy MSc. Students, alumni and InnoEnergy Barcelona staff for an evening of ice-breaking, information and inspiration.   Proceedings kicked-off with a welcome from Barcelona CommUnity Manager… (Show more)
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