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Filippo Antonio Capizzi
Good afternoon CU'ers,   I have to learn using Trend Control's SET but I can't find any course or learning material online. I'll use at work for Building Management Systems, HVAC and Energy Management Systems.   Do you know where I can find documents, or do you have some to share?   Thank you in advance!   bms buildings digital learning… (Show more)
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Julio Quintana
Hello CommUnity, I have a workshop on Monday and I am very keen to apply the the Open Space Studio methodology. I have participated in two sessions myself, however I do not recall each and every step of the convergence/divergence. I searched on the platform and found nothing that details the methodology.    Any one who can help me with this… (Show more)
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CommUnity Post
On the 5th April 2018, CommUnity Lisbon organised yet another edition of the E2I Talks, giving continuation to the success of the first event of this type in Lisbon, which took place back in December. This time, with “Sustainable Energy Solutions - The City” being the focus of the conversation, the CommUnity Lisbon welcomed three speakers who were… (Show more)
Miroslaw Kucharzyk
Hello CommUnity,    We have recently moved offices and my commute has become problematic. I am exploring an option of buying an electric scooter like this one: Xiaomi 8.5 inch Tire Folding Electric Scooter ( Youth Edition ) -$319.99 Online Shopping| Has anyone of you ever used and electric scooter? If yes which one would you… (Show more)
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Vikesh Morye
Hey I'm Vikesh, I have applied for MSC René and Entech. I would like to know from seniors who would have gone through same or similar process and gotten into KIC InnoEnergy programs I would like to know about the steps and docs for Visa, (especially how to manage the double country thing)? I would also like to know what other steps I need to take… (Show more)
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Claudio Geyken
My mom purchased the Nissan leaf which is a 2013 model and there seem to be only 60 km range left. Is that normal?  Replacing those batteries would give a better performance as batteries evolved?
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CommUnity Post
While this is a controversial topic, it has been asserted that the most effective way to reduce your environmental impact is to have one less child. A study done in Environmental Research Letters measured the potential impact of individual actions at reducing emissions resulting in this outcome as can be seen from the figure:     And further, an… (Show more)
Robert Pleticha
Though looks skeptical to most people (especially Trumpified ones ), but here is a brief documentary by The Economist about the prospective use of wood as a sustainable building material.   It is anticipated that more than 6 billion global population will live in urban areas by 2050. To cope their residential and commercial needs, the city… (Show more)
malik fakron
I would like these two books, does anyone know where I can find a digital version?perturbation methods for engineers and scientistsmathematical principle of heat transfer
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Stefano Roveda
This is an anwer to Who's in for redesigning Barcelona Port area? I could not attach the files in the comment below the question so I'm trying this way
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