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The CommUnity Days 2018 - What to expect?

Blog Post created by Krishna Reddy Partner on 17-May-2018


We are happy to announce that registration for annual flagship event of our CommUnity is now open, and we’d love for you to join us.


Since the inception of the CommUnity in 2013, the annual flagship event has been a bridge connecting the members of CommUnity to various industry partners. 3 editions of this events have passed and with each passing year, the flagship event has just gotten bigger and better, all thanks to your feedback.


For the 2018 edition, we have improved it by making one significant change. This year’s flagship event will be more inclusive to members from different fields and backgrounds and  are passionate about green energy and sustainability. That means, this year’s attendees can be entrepreneurs from InnoEnergy business creation, employees of InnoEnergy, PhD candidates. There is also a limited capacity for affiliate members, who are passionate about sustainable energy solutions, but not part of the InnoEnergy trusted ecosystem. And hence to accommodate such different entities, this event has undergone significant rebranding. It will now officially be known as:


The CommUnity Days 2018 by  InnoEnergy

Lisbon - 26th - 28th October 2018.  


Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be able to help accelerate the energy transition, making an impact with like-minded people, experiencing personal growth, finding business opportunities and learning to innovate and to startup. Join us in Lisbon from October 26th - 28th 2018 for this years flagship event.


Like the previous edition, there will also be a Graduation ceremony for the batch of 2016-2018.To know more about the ceremony and how you can be a part of it; click here.



The CommUnity Days 2018 will be focused on creating synergies between different member groups of the CommUnity. This year’s content will revolve around three pillars:


    1. Growth and sustainability
      Growth, growth and more growth. To what extend? Is it the only focus? While GDP is predominantly taken as the measure of the world’s success, it is being questioned. Extreme poverty, an almost blind strive for technology innovation, material wealthy but unhappy, a mind-blowingly quickly disappearing biodiversity, pollution and climate change are just some contradictions. How can we guarantee economical, environmental and social sustainability?
    2. Tech and human behavior
      Pimby: “please in my backyard!”. I want a wind farm next to my home, solar panels on my roof, an electric car, a smart system starting electric devices at specific times.
      I have worked in a coal mine my whole life and now will work as …?
      The world innovates constantly, and it requires citizens to change behaviors. What are the technology developments and how will they affect us in terms of culture, jobs and social acceptance?
    3. Governance & individual responsibility

   With the liberalization of the energy markets we went from state owned monopolies to private competition. The    creation of feed in tariff subsidies created the PV revolution. These developments were only possible through a    change in regulation. Having citizens taking a more active role as prosumers, more conscious energy users and      consumers will require more than a change in regulation.

   How much responsibility does fall on governance and how much on individual to achieve a society marked by    awareness, empowerment and behavioural change? What is the relationship with the economic feasibility of the    required changes?


We are looking to delve deeper into these subjects. Let’s explore together these questions that will shape our world of tomorrow. Together when we ask the right questions, it creates an environment of inspiring possibilities that could happen. Here's our chance to co-create an unforgettable gathering of minds and souls determined to play their part.


The event will feature fascinating Keynote talks, Co-creation sessions, Energy Policy workshop game, Marketplace, Idea Accelerator, CommUnity Speaker Series and much more. It will be held in beautiful city of Lisbon, Portugal from 26th-28th of October. Lisbon, being an  effervescent, charming, cosmopolitan city, rich with history and culture is moving towards becoming a global entrepreneurial center focused on creating sustainable solutions. Lisbon is the perfect fit for this years event.


Learn more about the agenda.



Excited to register? Let’s move on to how registration works.


As the CommUnity is moving towards the goal of achieving financial sustainability, we have introduced a nominal participation fee for the attendees. With your participation we will be one step closer to the goal.


The tickets have been split into two categories. i.e. CommUnity Core Member and a CommUnity Affiliate Member. Want to know which category do you belong to?  


  1. You are a CommUnity Core Member if you are one of following: Graduate from the InnoEnergy Master School, InnoEnergy PhD candidate, Entrepreneur graduated or currently enrolled in one of the InnoEnergy services, current / former employee of InnoEnergy or  InnoEnergy innovation project manager.

  2. You are a CommUnity Affiliate Member if you are a registered CommUnity platform member without a direct connection to any of the InnoEnergy services. Keep in mind, these places are strongly limited.


Now that you know your ticket type, one last call left to make; to avail accommodation service at the event venue OR to book it on our own. Once again, we want to emphasise that by having all stay in one venue, we believe the impact created by the event will be far greater. More information on the registration page.


BONUS: As a thank you and as a gift to you, we have reduced entry prices for early bird registrations (limited time). It doesn’t just end here. Further promotional codes and free tickets for those who want to TAKE OWNERSHIP of the event by being a CommUnity speaker, a catalyst, challenge provider, marketplace exhibitor or pitching an idea.  Sounds like a good deal? Click here to know more.



This is a great moment for us and we can’t wait to see the overwhelming impact the The CommUnity Days 2018 will have on our flourishing community.

Spread the word! #CommUnityDays


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The CommUnity Days 2018