Anzhelika Ivanova

AlumniUnite 2017 is Coming!

Blog Post created by Anzhelika Ivanova Partner on 28-Nov-2017

Next weekend -  1st, 2nd  and 3rd  December 2017, the CommUnity will gather at the Centre de Convencions Internacional in Barcelona to set the milestones for its impact towards sustainable energy future for the upcoming year. Three days, 7 mind-tickling challenges, 250 brilliant engineers, many motivational speeches and countless fun are right around the corner.


On Friday afternoon, our CommUnity Office has prepared a warm welcome and introduction to the event, spiced up by three exceptional keynote speakers to follow, Elena Bou, Katrin Puets and Geoffroy de Bérail. Elena Bou is the Innovation Director and member of the executive board of InnoEnergy. She has been a part of this company since 2007, being member of the founder team of InnoEnergy. Katrin Puetz is the head and heart of (B)energy, a social business that promotes mobile biogas technology in developing countries with one strict rule: no aid money involved. Her aim is to make biogas an attractive source of cooking energy by giving it a price. Geoffroy de Bérail is the COO of Glowee, a company whose purpose is to provide lighting from the sea, a living lighting energy, coming directly from nature, at the crossroads of biomimicry and synthetic biology, ready to revolutionize our way to produce, consume and light up!


In the evening, dinner will be served for us at Shôko. Their gastronomy combines the best of Asian and Mediterranean flavours, fusing the ingredients while still conserving both traditional flavours. The meal comes with a special garnish – a lovely sea view. At night, not dancing is not an option as Shôko brings the best nights in Barcelona that continue till dawn with the beats from international DJs.


Saturday morning, during the first Co-Creation Session, we will warm up our minds and help 7 companies solve 7 of their biggest challenges on the road to sustainable energy future in an Open Space Studio format, a holistic and tailor-made approach to progress innovation. The Open Space Studio brings people together in the spirit of co-creation to find solutions to particular challenges, unlocking the creativity within a team. During the second Co-Creation Session - Innovation by Design, we will warm up our hands in unison with our minds, as this session employs the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology by which real-world change is collectively ‘played out’ using a special set of professionally oriented LEGO-blocks.



Right before lunch, some of the leading companies in the energy sector will present themselves through a short pitch. You will have the chance to meet their representatives afterwards at the Market place, alongside with some tasty food that you can get from… Well, will be revealed on Saturday. After lunch, you can expect a desert made of motivation and inspiration prepared by our very own CommUnity members. The second day will be rounded up with a lovely dinner at the Hilton Hotel and a party beyond any expectation.


Sunday is the day to harden your soft skills and enjoy the workshops from Cristian Boscheri, João Fonseca, Ilan Momber and Tillmann Laux. Cristian Boscheri will show you how to detect the boundaries of your comfort zone and break out of them. Joao Fonseca will give you tips how to make your voice heard everywhere you go, by explaining the importance of communication in a business environment and giving an introduction to some of the tools we can use to make it more effective. With Ilan Momber you will share your bucket lists, life values, and fear vs. goal setting routines to get access to an empowering morning tool box for achievers. Tillmann Laux will give a crash course on how to teach skills that allow learners to succeed in their job, how to create a motivating teaching setup and how to create your own template so you can start teaching right away.


The event will not be complete without sharing new ideas for innovation from our members and helping them achieve it. The last session of the event is exactly that, the Pit[ch]-Stop session that will provide a platform for anyone who would like to share their idea and make it a reality.



We have all been anticipating it and now we are almost there! It is within our reach, so start getting ready for the best AlumniUnite you have ever had the chance to attend so far.


Let’s unite!