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CommUnity Award

Blog Post created by Falko Döring Partner on 24-Oct-2017

The CommUnity only exists today thanks to all the great CommUnity members who have been continuously supporting the CommUnity. The bigger goal of the CommUnity is to achieve a sustainable energy future by empowering its members.

Congratulations to the 2017 CommUnity Award Winners Davide Garufi and Jacopo Sala! Your contributions to the CommUnity are greatly appreciated.

1st Prize

2nd Prize


CommUnity Award Winners 2017


The CommUnity Award

Within a community you have members who engage more, become thought leaders and support new members. We want to recognize the altruistic work of these excellent members.



The award recognizes the activity of a CommUnity member being aligned with the CommUnity's visions and values, their entrepreneurial drive and/or innovative achievement.

Every CommUnity member can apply and/or nominate another member.



The award ceremony was held during this year's AlumniUnite.

   Find more information in the pdf attached in this blogpost.